Three Guaranteed Things That Turn off Women on a First Date

June, 26, 2020

Women are very particular about how you look and act during the first date. And I am not saying that if you are a tad bit overweight, you don’t have a chance. Yes being fit and healthy is a huge plus point but there are bigger things that may turn a woman off.

As a premium matchmaking service, Bloom matchmaking provides valuable advice to men and women on how to do your best during the first date. We can match you with the perfect single, but what happens on the first date depends a lot on how you dress up and act. Here are three things that are sure to send women running away from you.


Excessive Sweating

  • Excessive sweating not only makes you smell like rotten milk, but it is also a very huge turn-off for women. No one wants to see the sweat dripping from your forehead or your stained armpits.

One of the reasons why you may be sweating a lot is due to not being active. If this is an issue for you, get out and do some physical activity even if you are not overweight.

  • When you stop doing physical activity, your body loses its control to regulate itself. So go out, take a walk, go for a swim, join a gym, or do anything fun that gets your heart pumping. And before you go on your date, make sure you put some deodorant on.


Unhealthy Teeth and Mouth

  • Your smile is one of the most charming things about your personality. Imagine how someone would feel if you have crooked, missing, or chipped teeth. If you have bad teeth, it will really look you bad.

If you don’t believe us, just view the ‘look good until you smile’ challenge on TikTok and you’ll understand what I mean. We strongly recommend getting the Invisalign treatment from your dentist if your teeth are not straight.

  • And if you have stained teeth, get professional teeth whitening. Similarly, for crooked and chipped teeth, there are many treatments available. The bottom line is to make sure that you have a charming smile with perfect pearly white teeth.


What You Wear

  • What you wear to your first day speaks volumes about your personality. So if you are going on a date, invest on new clothes no matter what. Seek help from Google and find out what is trending in fashion and get some new clothes.

Everything from your shoes to your jeans to the shirt you wear will matter. And if these seem old, it will only send a message that you are an unclean bloke that does not put personal hygiene as a top priority, and believe us, women love men who have good personal hygiene.

  • Hygiene also counts how your facial hair is, so make sure that you are clean-shaven properly when you go for the date. If you like carrying a beard, make sure it is well-groomed before you head out.


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