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Modern Dating Lingo – 10 Most Popular Terms You Should Know

modern dating lingo

Lost in translation? Crack the code with these 10 modern dating lingo terms

Post-pandemic, the dating scenario has drastically shifted. The rules of dating have altered, and so have the methods of seeking romantic relationships. Therefore, new terminologies are introduced every year to describe these altered situations. The love language is as complicated as ever, and if you want to navigate the landscape of modern dating with your head held high, it is time to catch on to these popular dating terms.


  • Situationship is a cool way to describe a friends-with-benefits relationship. In a situationship, two people frequently hook up without being emotionally involved. Casual sex and a few random dates without committing to each other exclusively are the hallmarks of a classical situationship. It is a pre-decided agreement between two individuals where they both want casual sex without a long-term commitment. You can think of situationship as a grey area between friendship and relationship.


  • The term orbiting describes a situation where an ex-lover maintains a presence in your life in the sphere of social media. While no meaningful interaction takes place in the real world, the ex-flame continues to show up by occasionally liking your post or viewing your latest reel. Orbiting is often referred to as ‘the new ghosting’. Orbiting is a classical move stolen from the narcissist’s playbook. By orbiting, the ex shows some interest in the person’s life to keep them hooked for more attention. Orbiting can cause psychological damage and prevent you from moving on.

Love Bombing

  • As the name indicates, love bombing is the practice of making grand gestures and expressing over-the-top affection for your love interest. It usually occurs during the start of a relationship or when someone is trying to win the other person over. Love bombing involves excessive flattery, big romantic gestures, and showering with lavish gifts. Although love bombing may seem fascinating in the beginning, it is an unhealthy and manipulative behaviour intended to isolate you from your friends and family.

Dating experts regard love bombing as a form of emotional and psychological abuse because love bombing is done to gain control over a person’s life. If you are love-bombed, you start to feel indebted to your partner and may lose sense of yourself. Love bombed is a red flag wrapped in bewitching packing.


  • dating lingoThis is a frequently used term that describes the practice of cutting off all communication with a lover or friend without explaining anything. Ghosting is painful to experience because it keeps you on the edge and makes you wonder what went wrong. Ghosting can be shattering for self-esteem and can lead to the development of trust and abandonment issues.

People take the route of ghosting when they don’t want to work out a relationship or don’t have the courage to end it by taking the right course.


  • Rizz is a chic way to describe someone with a charismatic and magnetic personality. People with rizz have an intangible allure that is hard to resist. If you have rizz, you can effortlessly flirt and draw the attention of potential love interests. Kai Cenat, a Twitch streamer and influencer, first used the term. It is now commonly used by members of Gen Z and is quite popular on TikTok.


  • Cobwebbing is Gen Z’s way of saying getting over an ex-flame and moving on with your life. Think of cobwebbing as the practice of getting rid of old cobwebs, which in this case means ex-lovers or romantic interests. Cobwebbing practices include deleting pictures, throwing away old souvenirs, and getting rid of your ex’s personal items – essentially anything that anchors you to your past. Cobwebbing allows you to cleanse your personal space and mind from old memories that don’t serve you any purpose. This act of purging helps you heal and be in a better headspace to make room for a new love interest.


  • Breadcrumbing is a manipulative dating tactic. It is the practice of leading someone on by feigning interest and keeping an individual on the hook while having no intention of dating them. Breadcrumbing is done by showing half-hearted affection now and then. It can be done by sending flirtatious messages, giving fake compliments, making plans but not following through with them, and being affectionate towards you for brief periods.

The person who is breadcrumbing is never consistent in their actions, and they turn cold and uninterested after feigning interest for some time. Breadcrumbing is a harmful practice that can impact an individual’s mental health and self-esteem.

Soft Launching

  • In modern dating language, the term soft launching means subtly disclosing your relationship to the world while keeping the mystery intact. Soft launching is usually done through social media. For e.g., if you want to soft launch your new relationship, you can do so by sharing a picture holding hands with your boo while their face is hidden or obscured. Hence, you announce your new relationship, but the identity of your latest flame remains hidden.

This will cause quite an uproar in your social circle, and everyone will be left wondering whom you are dating.

Dating Flags

Dating flags are used to define the personality and characteristics of the person you are in a relationship with. The two most common dating flags are as follows:

  • Red Flag are the harmful and negative personality traits. Physical and emotional abuse, aggression, narcissism, promiscuity, cheating, and lying are some top red flag traits. Red-flag relationships are toxic and abusive.

Green Flags in a relationship indicate positive habits and actions, genuine compatibility, and emotional intelligence. A green flag person has a calm and respectful demeanor, respects boundaries, validates your emotions, and makes you feel safe. Green flag relationships are successful, stress-free, and long-lasting.


  • Pocketing is the practice of keeping your relationship hidden from your friends and family, even if you have been dating for quite some time. Also known as stashing, pocketing is a hurtful practice that leads to doubt and mistrust between partners. Pocketing is a conscious decision wherein your significant other does not announce your relationship in real life or on social media. Love experts consider pocketing to be a major red flag in a relationship.

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