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Benefits of Matchmaking

  • Personalized

    Get individualized service from a trusted and experienced professional matchmaker. Quality matches are chosen for you based on compatibility, which leads to better matches with greater potential.

  • Safe

    Rest easy knowing that complete background checks and in-person screenings are conducted on all potential matches. Your matches are not complete strangers.

  • Convenient

    No more looking through hundreds of pictures on dating apps, swiping right or left, or going on blind dates. All the legwork is done for you by our matchmakers, who live and work right here in Central Virginia.

  • Stress-free

    Sit back and let us do the work to find you a potential partner.

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Become a Member for FREE! Are you a “great catch” but you’re just not ready to hire a matchmaker? You can join our membership pool to be considered as a match for our existing clients. There is no charge to become a member. We will be happy to answer any questions. Or, please take a few moments and fill out our inquiry form. Note that at least one photo is required when you submit the form.

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Matchmaking vs. Online Dating

  • Matchmaking has deep cultural and historical roots in society. Online dating is a recent process.
  • Matchmakers get to know clients personally, developing a trusted partnership. Online dating sites and apps provide no personalized services; clients interact only with the digital platform.
  • Matchmaking is safe and includes rigorous background checks. Online dating is dangerous: you don’t know what you’re getting into.

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