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5 Crushing Deal Breakers for Women in a Romantic Relationship

crushing deal breakers for women

Matchmaker shares crushing deal breakers for women you should avoid

The contemporary dating customs and fear of abandonment have conditioned women to seek less and compromise more in a relationship. Even though this trend is reversing, a lot of women still find themselves tolerating an unfulfilling and toxic relationship. The ticking of the biological clock and the unending pressure to settle down make some women paranoid. Hence, they settle down for less than what they deserve.

If you are a man reading this, beware of the following deal-breakers as they can jeopardize your relationship with your lady love. If you are a woman reading, run away if your love interest displays any of the following signs.

Lack of Basic Etiquette

  • It is a major turn off when your partner lacks basic manners and etiquette. Lack of manners implies that the person is incapable of caring for others and appears to be rude. You can tell a lot about a man by how he treats those in the service profession.

A survey carried by Men’s Health Magazine revealed that 60% of women rank good manners as the most desirable trait in a man. Manners and etiquette promote humility, consideration, and kindness. Etiquette enhances an individual’s self-image. Some immediate red flags that women notice in a guy are lack of respect and display of rudeness to waiters or elders. Leering after other women is an instant turn off as well.

Lacks Sense of Humor

  • It is well known that many people value a sense of humor when it comes to finding their ideal partner. Humor is a vital part of the attraction. People are automatically attracted to a person who knows how to joke around and take sarcasm.

Nobody likes a boring relationship. A good sense of humor and ability to accept light jesting is a very attractive trait. Having a solid sense of humor is a sign of emotional intelligence. But one should be mindful to not cross any lines or get too far in sarcasm.


  • No one can stand a lazy partner. It is an undesirable trait. The top-ranking deal breakers in a relationship include an unclean and disheveled appearance and laziness. Women don’t want to date a slacker. This dislike of laziness extends beyond physical appearance and crosses over to one’s lifestyle as well.

Living in an apartment with food lying around and clothes hanging from drawers? That’s a sign of laziness. Laziness is an indicator of a person’s inability to take care of things. A disheveled home screams that the person living in it is a man-child who cannot be trusted with any responsibility.

Keeps you Waiting

  • crushing deal breakers for womenAs the saying goes, no message is also a message. If you are curt in your replies or do not respond on time, your partner will feel insulted. Communication is the key in any relationship and without it, no relation can survive. By letting your partner know about your busy routine you’re not only prioritizing them but making them feel special as well.

Lack of Ambition

  • For many people, a lack of ambition can be a huge turn-off. Lack of ambition means that the person is scared of taking risks. Women find a man attractive who has control over his life and is set on achieving certain goals and dreams. An ambitious and hardworking man is more attractive to a woman than a fraudulent man with deep pockets.

Sincerity towards his passion indicates that he is a man of words who tends to be honest with his decisions, be it his life or relationship.

Relationships can be tricky and finding the right partner can be even trickier. If you’re looking for a suitable partner, we recommend you to contact Bloom Matchmaking. They are located in Central Virginia and provide matchmaking services to singles.

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