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What Women Want? Top 3 Things Women Desire in a Relationship

what women want

Learn the secrets – What women want in a relationship

Have you ever wondered what women want? As the saying goes, men are from Mars and Women are from Venus. If you have been in a romantic relationship, you would know how true this saying is. Men and women, despite belonging to the same species, differ from each other on multiple sublevels. 

Conflicts and emotional stalemate arise in almost all relationships. This happens when both partners fail to understand and appreciate the different emotional needs of others. Men find it difficult to read and understand their women completely. 

The average man is usually not able to decipher the subtext for an unreasonable emotional reaction of their girlfriend or wife. So they really struggle to know what women want.

If the emotional gulf widens and deepens, the relationship comes to a point of no return. In order to have a healthy relationship with your wife or girlfriend, it is important to know what your partner desires from you. 

Listed below are five things the average woman seeks in a modern romantic relationship:

What Women Want? To Be Able to Count On You

  • In this messy and difficult life, we all need someone to turn to for comfort and peace. You should be the comfort zone your woman turns to when things get tough. For that to happen, she needs to know that you will always have her back, no matter what and this is exactly what women want.

In real life, things can get complicated. At times, it is possible that you may judge her and brush off an emotional outburst as an overreaction. Or you might promise to do a certain chore while she’s working overnight, but then you got lazy and forgot to do it. 

  • Frequent recurrence of such situations will lead her to distrust you.

And what good is an emotional relationship if there is no trust in between the partners?

  • To avoid this situation, empathize with her. Be the support she needs when she’s overworked. Be the rational one when she’s being unreasonable. All the while ensuring that she feels understood and loved. 

Allow Her to Channel Her Nurturing Femininity

  • Just like she wants to lean on you in trying times, she wants you to do the same when things get difficult for you. It is the intrinsic need of every woman to nurture her partner and her loved ones.

Just like men want to protect and be chivalrous, women want to exercise their feminine and motherly instincts. They want you to share your problems with them and help you get through with them.

  • Show your vulnerability and share your fears with her. Ask for her advice. This will make her feel needed and desirable. It will also convey the message that you trust her enough to let go of your armor in front of her and allow her to engulf you in her femininity.

So never rob your woman the opportunity to show how much she truly cares for you.

Value Her Individuality and Do Not Smother Her

  • what women wantMaintaining balance in a relationship is always tricky. You do not want to be too dependent on the other person. At the same time, you do not want to act aloof. When a relationship begins, both partners’ lives start to converge. 

As the relationship grows, everything ‘personal’ in your life is replaced with ‘shared’. 

  • However, overdoing the sharing bit can lead to frustration and one can start to feel smothered.

The key to this problem? Open discussion, good intuition, and a keen sense of judgement. If your partner is more on the independent side, appreciate her individuality and give her space.

  • Doing everything together and sharing each moment of your life with the other person is not necessary. It does not necessarily translate into a happy relationship. 

Quality should be the parameter against which ‘Us’ time should be measured, not quantity.

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