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5 Smart Ways To Get Over a Breakup Fast – Advice from Top Matchmaker

get over a breakup fast

Learn how to get over a breakup fast with top matchmaker’s 5 smart tips!

For many years I have helped people get over breakups through my matchmaker and love coach platform. At, we have many professionals that are ready to give you crucial relationship advice including how to get over a breakup fast.

I am aware that there are many people around the world who are desperately searching for a quick way to get over their breakup and I am pretty sure that if you landed on this page, your search will end today.

I have talked to various matchmakers and love coaches on our platform and this is what they had to say about getting over a breakup fast.

Give Up Hope Of Getting Back Together

  • Have you ever wondered why people accept the death of loved ones but continue to fail when it comes to breakups for years? It is because of hope. Your mind will never start the recovery process if you still cling onto hope of returning back to your partner.

To recover fast from a breakup, kill that hope completely. You can also call the person you broke up with and make sure to tell them that this is the end.

Convince Yourself That It is Over

  • On many relationship websites on the internet, you’ll hear one common advice that tells you to keep yourself busy. I don’t recommend this because keeping busy is not going to solve the problem unless you have accepted in your mind that things are over.

For instance, if you are trying to lose weight, would keeping yourself busy help you forget about food? Not really, it’ll only make you feel hungrier and you’ll end up eating more when you find the free time. In case of a relationship, the same thing applies. You have to accept it in your mind rather than ignore the problem.

Go Back To Your Social Life

  • A lot of individuals isolate themselves from their friends and family as soon as they break up. They start spending time alone listening to sad songs and watching depressing movies. If you want things to move fast, then meet your friends and family more than you used to when you were in a relationship.

Socializing is truly a great way to ease your mind. Go out, meet people, spend a good time together and you’ll soon be on the road of recovery quicker than you could have imagined.

Don’t Be Afraid to Cry

  • get over a breakupBreaking up can be an emotional ride that can bring grief and depression at the same time. This can result in many other types of bad moods. So instead of holding back your emotions, it is completely fine to express those emotions through tears. Don’t be afraid or embarrassed to shed some tears, it’ll help you beat the excess negative emotions.

Get Rid Of All The Memories of Your Ex

  • This is the hardest part where most people struggle with. When you have convinced yourself that things are over with your ex, delete or burn their photos from your phone and in your possession.

The more physical memories you remove of your ex, the faster you’ll recover and forget they ever existed.

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