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How To Get Over A Breakup

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Love coach explain 4 ways to get over a breakup and how to move on

Love is addictive. There is no feeling similar to the feeling of being in love. On the flip side, when love ends and people break, they fall into a pit of despair. For most people, getting over a breakup is pretty tough, especially when genuine feelings of love and care are involved. Heartbroken lovers usually go through a phase of social withdrawal and depression.

Do breakups suck? Yes! Whereas the pain of a breakup cannot be avoided completely, you can do several things to speed up the healing process and get back on your feet. Love coaches agree that doing the following will help you achieve the impossible i.e. get over your ex.

1. Address Your Self-esteem Issues

If your partner broke up with you, chances are that your self-esteem will take a hit. You will start to find physical or personality flaws in yourself and will believe that you were not good enough for your partner because of x,y,z reasons. This is an undesirable behavior that will lead you into more despair.

Instead of focusing on your bad qualities, be realistic and understand that you are more than how you appear or how successful you are. Analyze yourself and write down your positive traits, characteristics, skills, strengths, and abilities. Doing so will redeem your self-esteem. You will understand that you are worthy of love and deserve to be treated with it.

2. Visit Three New Places

Relationship memories are bittersweet: bitter because they are a gloomy reminder that it is over and sweet because they remind us of the good times and the intimacy we once shared with our partner. However, dwelling over memories of the past will do you no good, which is why it is time to build some new memories.

Visit at least three new places that you have not been to with your ex. Ask a fun and empathic friend to tag along. Seeing more of the world and being in good company will take your mind off your current state.

get over a breakup3. Don’t Be Tempted To Fool Around With A Rebound

People who have been through a breakup are often emotionally vulnerable. They miss the feeling of being in a loving relationship. Hence, they sometimes start dating straight away if they hit it with someone. Rebound relationships might give you a temporary high by making you feel sexy or by boosting your self-esteem for the time being.

However, things get messy in rebound relationships pretty soon. The reason being that you are unclear about your feelings and can confuse your current partner with your ex. Your partner may develop genuine feelings for you but you may not be able to reciprocate and end up hurting their feelings. Hence, be a mature person and avoid the temptation to fall into a rebound relationship.

4. Shun Social Media For A While

After breaking up, unfollowing and unfriending your ex on social media is the logical thing to do. However, to gain full closure, avoid social media for a while. The pictures of the two of you that adorn your social media will act as a bitter reminder that it is over. Also, you will be tempted to stalk your ex every now and then and we all know the stalking session usually doesn’t end well.

Once you have gained closure and are in a more stable state of mind, contact the love coaches at Bloom Matchmaking and help them find you The One. Bloom Matchmaking provides matchmaking services in Central Virginia and nearby areas.

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