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3 Ways to Tell If You Have a Genuine Connection With a Partner

how to build genuine connection with a partner

The 3 keys to a genuine connection with a partner – Read this before it’s too late!

Modern singles view love largely on the basis of looking good and checking the right boxes as opposed to actually feeling good about it. If you’re worried that your relationship is lacking genuine connection or it isn’t authentic, then keep on reading.

Bloom Matchmaking reveals some important tips to help you build a genuine connection with your partner. Follow these to see if you and your partner are doing all right and whether your love is headed the right way.

Never Use Your Relationship for Your Own Happiness

  • Despite the films and TV showing us that the true path to happiness is falling in love, no relationship can actually survive if you are only looking after your joy. In fact, expert matchmakers say that this is not what love is at all.

What it truly is selfishness where one partner becomes so manipulative in the relationship that they do whatever they can to make their needs met. So in other words, the more you strive towards your own goals, joys, and interests while ignoring that of your partner, the more your relationship will go downhill.

Enjoy The Present with Your Partner

  • Love and genuine connection with your loved one is not about spending time on a couch watching your favorite movie in the same room, its more about actually sharing your feelings, thoughts, and dreams.

A real connection only develops in the present moment when you see your partner the way they are and not focusing on who they will become, or who they were in the past. Enjoy the moments while they last and do your best to share your deepest thoughts and future goals.

Give and Receive Equally

  • For a genuine connection to build up, both the partners need to work on giving and receiving equally. Share your thoughts, feelings, and give your time and attention to each other. If you are the one who is always on the giving end, how can you expect that your partner should do more for you.

And if you are always on the receiving end, what can you do for your partner during the next week? How can you encourage them to give you in return?

Be Responsible for Your Actions

  • Relationships cannot thrive if the two of you are always playing the blame game. You should hold yourself responsible for your actions and genuinely apologize to your partner if you were wrong.

Your partner should be doing the same. And even if they are not doing it already, the more you start taking responsibility for your wrongdoings, the more they will realize why it is important. Work through your feelings together and give an apology through your heart when things go wrong.

Value The Relationship Altogether

  • genuine connection with a partnerDon’t use your relationship as an excuse to be together with someone just for the sake of not being alone. A genuine relationship is only possible when you value the opportunity to grow and learn from your mistakes. You must learn and value each other as you grow as partners.

Take Professional Relationship Advice

Relationships can be quite difficult for people if they don’t value and respect each other. But it isn’t always the end of the road. If you feel that your relationship is not working out the way you hoped for, contact Bloom Matchmaking today for relationship advice.

Our expert staff designs personalized matchmaking experiences with the goal of finding your perfect match. Background checks, face to face interviews, and personality assessments are just the beginning of our proven process that connects you with safe, desirable, and compatible singles.

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