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Keys to A Successful Marriage

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What are the keys to a successful marriage?

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Marriage is an essential and beautiful part of an individual’s life. However, marriage is not a bed of roses and has its fair share of challenges. Read on for the keys to a successful marriage.

Display of Love Through Commitment

  • There are many definitions and perceptions of love. It is an abstract concept that is subject to each individual’s thought process. In a marriage, love evolves with each step. However, one thing which remains constant is its display through commitment. A commitment to stand by each other, to be patient, forgiving, and to hold each other’s hand through thick and thin is what defines love in a marriage.

All healthy and successful marriages are built on unwavering commitments and that is what defines love is in a marriage.

Fidelity in All Aspects

  • Healthy sex life is one of the building blocks of a successful marriage. It becomes compromised when infidelity takes its roots. When we talk about infidelity, we are not just talking about being unfaithful through bodies but also through our eyes, minds, and hearts. If you are married and yet fantasize about another person, then you are committing infidelity and weakening the bond that holds you together, even if you won’t act on those fantasies.

Hence, fidelity in all aspects is crucial for the sustenance of a happy and quality marriage.


  • A marriage is a partnership between two individuals who are equal in all aspects. If one partner considers him or herself superior to the other, it creates an air of resentment and sets back the relationship. A display of humility from both partners creates an environment of comfort and both partners know that their mistakes and shortcomings will not be frowned upon.

Let us not forget that everyone has shortcomings no one is perfect in everything. To stay humble list down all the areas where your partner outperforms you and you don’t do so well. This simple exercise will keep you sorted out.


Practice Patience and Forgiveness

  • As discussed earlier, no human being is perfect and everyone has some flaws. To cope up with the shortcomings of your partner, it is essential to be patient and practice forgiveness every step of the way. Bringing up past mistakes or taunting your partner for small things is detrimental to the health of your relationship.

If your partner had hurt you in the past but has demonstrated a changed and positive attitude now, then forgiving them for their mistake and not holding a grudge is the prudent thing to do.

Focus on The Quality and Quantity of Time Spent Together

  • Your spouse is your better half. He/she is the closest human relationship you will have on this Earth. To make it a sound and healthy relationship, you need to spend quality time with them intentionally for extended periods. When it comes to relationships, both quantity and quality matter.

Honesty and Trust

These two traits are the building blocks of any marriage. They both compliment each other. Where there is honesty, trust will make its place automatically. Even though building trust may take some time, but once it has been developed, it is a smooth journey afterward.

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