What Are Some Real-Life Pros and Cons of Marriage?

June, 16, 2021

Here are top matrimonial experts describing the pros and cons of marriage

The institution of marriage is as old as civilization itself. It has been a part of almost all cultures and religions. It is the joining of a man and a woman into a new bond and the beginning of a new life ahead. The idea and perception of marriage have changed dramatically over the past century. It was once considered an integral part of one’s life and the most appropriate way of continuing the lineage.

However, in the post-truth era, socioeconomic structures evolved, and conventional norms of marriage, childbearing and gender-defined roles were challenged and put to debate. A considerable portion of the young population no longer believes in the necessity of marriage and some believe that the institution of marriage is retrogressive and obsolete.

There are always two sides to a picture. The same goes for marriage: it has its pros and cons. Let us take a look at some of the pros and cons of marriage.

The Pros


  • Man is a social animal. All humans thrive on social connections and want companionship. It is a basic human Instinct. A solid and healthy marriage promises lifetime companionship with someone who cares about you, loves you and looks after you. This is important for the healthy survival of humans.

Brings Stability to Life and Society

Being married makes you more responsible. It also brings stability and balance to your life as half your burden gets shared. It also benefits society as the most productive and stable individuals come from happy homes that are built on stable marriages. Hence, the institution of marriage adds value to both individuals and society both.

Financial Advantages

  • When two people are tied together, they share their finances and work together to achieve a goal. Marriage has financial benefits as taxes are usually lower for married couples. Legal formalities such as inheritance are easier to deal with for married couples.

The Center of Family Unit

Families are based on stable marriages. Children are reared through mutual support and effort. Through marriage, a child gets two parents, two role models. Both parents add value to their lives and help the child develop and become a useful adult.

The Cons

Practicing Monogamy Can Be Difficult for Some

  • Marriage means taking a sacred vow of being with that one person whom you entrust to be your life partner. There is no place for a third person in a marriage and any traces of infidelity are like poison for a marriage. There is always a chance of meeting someone who is better suited to you, but if you are married, you cannot act on it.

Divorce Can Take A Toll

Not all marriages have a happy ending. Some end up in divorces. Divorce can take quite a toll on the emotional well-being of a person. A split-up home is not ideal for children either. Children of divorce usually have unhealthy coping mechanisms and poor life skills. Divorces can be pretty expensive and may lead you into unwanted financial obligations.

Individuality Gets Marred

  • Marriage means doing things together and taking your partner into consideration for everything. By adjusting and accommodating to your partner, you take up a lot of their personality and may end up losing your own individuality. Marriage demands compromise but too many compromises and adjustments can make you lose the sense of your own individuality.

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