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4 Must Try Romantic Getaways in Richmond, Virginia

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Looking for romantic getaways in Richmond? You’ve come to the right place.

Richmond is one of the oldest and most vibrant cities in the USA. It has much to offer to tourists; both local and foreign. It has a rich history and offers great cultural value.

Vacationers enjoy a multitude of different activities in Richmond such as staying at luxurious bread and breakfast hotels, visiting fascinating museums, and having fun at amusement parks.

There can never be a shortage of ideas for a romantic getaway in Richmond. We have compiled a list of fun activities that couples can do when together in Romantic Richmond. So read on.

Boarding a Canal Cruise and Enjoying Leisurely Canal Walk

  • If you and your bae find peace in nature, go on a canal walk in Richmond. The canal walk is a leisurely resort which is made of three canals: the James River Canal, the Haxall Canal, and the Kanawha Canal. If you and your significant other enjoy history lessons, then board the 40 minutes Canal Cruise as well.


A tour guide will narrate the historical significance of the canal walk as you cruise through the scenic water. At the end of the canal walk, you can enjoy a scrumptious lunch at Southern Railway Taphouse. It is a local restaurant with a wide variety of beers. You must try the Taphouse’s special Sicilian Burger and Sesame Ginger Pork Tacos. 

Visit The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts (VMFA)

  • VMFA is the crown that sits on top of Richmond’s tourist spots. It has a rich collection of exquisite visual arts. The art exhibits comprise of collections from several parts of the world and also from different eras of the past. Virginia Museum of Fine Arts also offers different art classes in drawing, sculpting, photography, painting, creative writing, and pottery. 

Couples can enroll themselves in a program of mutual liking. These programs are offered by The Studio School section of VMFA. Schedules are posted online. If you and your boo share an artistic passion, enrolling in one of these programs and learning together can be a wonderful bonding experience. 

Visit the Exquisite Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden

  • What can be more romantic than being surrounded by gorgeous flowers when on a getaway with your bae? Buy a couple of flowers and adorn her/ his hair with them maybe? We have just the right place for you. Visit the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden located in Virginia’s Lakeside neighborhood. The garden expands over 50 acres and is home to multiple exotic botanical species. 

The gardens exhibit multicolored orchids, tulips, roses, and other blossoming plants. The botanical garden is located in a beautiful setting. It not only offers great aesthetic value but also teaches about nature and its diverse flora. You can wrap up the perfect date by having a delightful brunch at Robins Tea House. 

Get the Adrenaline Pumping at King’s Dominion

  • King’s Dominion is the premium amusement park in Virginia. It is one of the biggest tourist attractions. How can a romantic getaway be complete without some adrenaline pumping? King’s Dominion is the perfect place for amusement. Expanded over 400-acres, King’s Dominion features 60 different rides and other attractions.

Hop on roller coaster rides and shriek like teenagers when it gets scary. Stroll through the amusement park hand-in-hand and rekindle your romance. Enjoy readily available delicious snacks and live shows.

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