5 Smart Things to Talk About On Your First Date – Top Matchmaker’s Advice

July, 10, 2020

Very few occasions are as nerve-wracking as a first date. When going on your first date, there are a lot of things to consider – from what you’ll wear to how you’ll act and of course, what you’ll say.

Apart from discussing hobbies, profession, and other common things you usually ask someone who you meet for the first time, you may find yourself lost amidst the conversation if you don’t plan ahead on what to talk about.

Bloom Matchmaking, a premium matchmaking service providing long-term relationships for busy singles in the Central Virginia area have a few important tips to share.


Build A Connection on the First Date

  • There is a good chance that you and your date will already share some things like education and religion. But it is important to build a connection over other topics as well. Try to find parallels between your experiences and interests.

Once you find similar interests and experiences, a connection will automatically surface between the two of you and the conversation will get much better from thereon.


Expand On Things You Know

  • One of the best ways to take a conversation to a whole new level is to build upon things you already know. For example, if the two of you share the love of food, don’t hesitate to talk about your best experiences and let your date know what your plans are for the future regarding this particular love for food.


Don’t Ask Them How They Make Money

  • Try to avoid the cannon fodder stuff like asking them what they earn or how they earn their living. A better alternative is to find out their profession and then show interest in their professional life by asking them more about their profession.

A good way to start on this is to simply ask them about what made them join this line of work. Ask them whether it is their passion or if they are still figuring out what to do in with their professional life. Ask them about the challenges they faced on the way.

  • Getting your date to answer these simple questions will help them open up to you and they will reveal a lot of things about their personality. When they are done, you can talk to them about your profession too.


Learn About Their Unique Talents

  • One good way to know more about someone is to ask them about their talents. Surprisingly, very few people actually ask this question. Once you talk about talents, you’ll learn a few things about them that will help you throughout the date.

Listen to what they tell you and see how responsible they are. In this way, you’ll learn if they are really in control of their life or someone else is pulling the strings for them.


Talk About Their Friends and Family

  • By bringing this topic, you’ll learn a lot about their social life without approaching directly. You’ll learn what they do for fun and how often they go out and where they go out. There are a lot of experiences and stories to share when you talk about friends and family.

Don’t hesitate to fill in with your own stories and experiences while the conversation is flowing.

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