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Jeremy & Ilana Hamburgh

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Jeremy & Ilana Hamburgh

Autistic and Neurodivergent Skills Coaching 

Jeremy and Ilana have dedicated their careers to helping singles on the autism spectrum, or with similarly neurodivergent minds, decode the social world around them and build the skills that spark deeper connections.  

Ilana spent 16 years as a special education teacher in New York City and Jeremy has been coaching autistic and neurodivergent adults since 2010.  Together, they run a first-of-its-kind  program, called Social Life 360, that can change the trajectory of their client's life, especially when their client has spent a lifetime struggling to find connection. 

For Bloom Matchmaking clients looking for an in-depth solution, the Social Life 360 program combines a warm and vibrant community with one-of-a-kind trainings that teach key dating and social skills -- including flirting! -- in ways that a neurodivergent mind can better absorb: Through formulas, diagrams, and step-by-step processes. 

All the very best, Jeremy & Ilana  

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