Matchmakers Vs Dating Apps – 5 Pros and Cons You Need To Know

February, 21, 2020

For those of you who are looking to find true love, there are many ways you can do it. But probably the two most popular methods of finding love these days are through dating applications like Tinder or matchmakers.

If you’ve struggled with the dating scene, or have been in a relationship and you just split and want to meet someone new, then you should probably give Tinder or a matchmaker a try. But before you decide which method to use, here are some pros and cons of both.

Pros and Cons of Dating Applications Like Tinder

  • Tinder is one of the most popular and widely used dating applications that can be downloaded and installed on your smartphone within a few minutes. With a few settings here and there, it allows you to search for new people to meet almost immediately. The number of singles looking for love on the app is a lot. But is it really worth investing your time in it? Here are some pros and cons.

Pros of Tinder

  • The application is accessible from anywhere in the world. This is especially good if you are moving to a new city or a country and want to meet new people or hook up.
  • Signing up on the app is relatively easy. You can create an account in minutes and begin your search.
  • The number of people using the app is a lot so you’ll have a variety of options

Cons of Tinder

  • Tinder has made looking for people so easy that the standards and choice of people have gone up. Finding someone who you can actually go out with will require good looks and more.
  • Most people on Tinder avoid long-term relationships. So if you’re looking for a life partner, this is not the application you should be using.
  • Many of the photos and profiles of singles on the application are fake. What you see on the app is very far from reality. In fact, some members upload photos as old as 5-10 years.

Pros and Cons of Professional Matchmakers

  • A matchmaker is a professional or a company that has years of experience in finding people love and long-term relationships through their private networks. Once you work with a matchmaker, it is their responsibility to find a match for you. They generally have a very good database of people as well as some amazing personal and professional connections to help you with.

Pros of Matchmakers

  • Matchmakers maintain your privacy. Unlike Tinder where your profile is public and literally anyone can view your photos and personal information, a matchmaker will guarantee you 100% privacy. This is perfect for anyone who wants to remain anonymous or is a high-profile person wishing to stay behind the scenes.
  • You will be paying for a service which will give you the best matches possible.
  • Very little effort on your side is expected when you are working with a matchmaker. You will only have to wait for a call and go out on a date if you feel the match is good.
  • You will get matched like for like. You can tell your matchmaker exactly what you want out from your partner and they will ensure they match you with the right person.
  • A matchmaker is a perfect source of finding a new life-partner especially after you have been separated or lost your previous partner. Dating applications are designed for singles who want to quickly hook up with someone. A matchmaker will ensure that you end up with someone who is looking for a long-term relationship. This is why most people in their network are mature and ready to settle down.

Cons of Matchmakers

  • Depending on who you work with, matchmakers can be pricey.
  • Matchmakers are not an ideal option if you are not looking for a long-term relationship
  • Some matchmakers are inexperienced and they underdeliver. So make sure that you hire a reputable matchmaker to avoid this.

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