Dating in 2021 – It is Hard And Complicated

May, 24, 2021

Here are 4 major facts why dating in 2021 is so hard and complicated

Generation Z has experienced a major disappointment when it comes to dating. Growing up, they had a different perception of dating and love and perceived it to be a bed of roses. But the reality is bitter and different from perception. In today’s day and age, dating has become harder and overwhelming.

The age of genuine and innocent love, at first sight, is over and it has been replaced by casual sex, commitment phobia, mixed signals and misinterpretations. Experts believe that the following factors have made dating so hard and complicated. Let’s take a look.

Ghosting is Common

  • Ghosting is the act of disappearing without giving a reason or saying goodbye to your partner. Ghosting has become common because people find it easier and more convenient than bidding farewell in a proper way or in other words ‘breaking up’. Break-ups are hard, messy, emotional, and can lead to confrontations.

A lot of people find ghosting a much easier alternative to breaking up. If someone is ghosting you, they would ignore your phone calls, text messages and would not respond to any means of communication. The intention is that you would get the hint and back off yourself.

Ghosting has made dating undesirable and overwhelming. It is one of the leading causes of growing disbelief towards romance and dating.

Casual Sex is Destroying the Essence of Romance

  • Casual sex and hookups have become a lot more common and acceptable. These days, people are more interested in satisfying their carnal needs than getting to know their minds and souls. Relationships that start with causal sex seldomly last for long and often end up in painful breakups.

These days, people prefer physical vulnerability over emotional vulnerability. Whereas physical attraction is an absolute must for any romantic relationship, it is not the only important metric when it comes to dating. Casual sex has destroyed the essence of romance and people are unable to relate to the latter anymore.

Too Proud to Care

  • Being emotionally unavailable has become the new cool. Nowadays, everyone tries to play cool, avoid opening up emotionally and keep their real emotions to themselves. Emotional vulnerability is perceived as a sign of weakness. Hence, no true and real connection is ever established.

When genuine people encounter emotionally closed-up people, they become disheartened with the way they are treated. This is another reason most people find dating complicated and emotionally draining. Relationships in which partners are not upfront about their feelings are doomed from the start and end up badly. People usually don’t get full closure and continue to carry forward their baggage.

why dating in 2021 is so hard

The Myth of Having Unlimited Choices

  • Before the advent of the internet and dating apps, people had to make effort to meet potential partners. They dressed up well, went out to bars, and tried to form a genuine connection with a person they liked. Back in the day, the pool of partners to choose from was limited so people focused their time and energy on whomsoever they found attractive and tried to establish a genuine connection with them.

In today’s day and age, you have access to unlimited potential partners. Dating apps and the internet, in general, have made it so easy to swipe left or right and choose a person who supposedly meets our standards of an ideal partner. We believe we have an unlimited pool of partners to choose from. This has made us greedy and we are seldomly satisfied with what we have. For a lot of people, there is a fear of missing out on an even better opportunity.

  • The myth of unlimited choices has made dating complicated and unrewarding.

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