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5 Clear Signs Your Partner Is A Narcissist

clear signs your partner is a narcissist

5 surprising signs your partner is a narcissist – What to look for

You’ve started dating someone magnetic and charming. But over time, you begin to notice a self-centered and shallow side. The relationship turns into a constant emotional abuse. Is it possible that your partner is a narcissist? While only a mental health professional can diagnose narcissistic personality disorder (NPD), if you observe narcissistic tendencies in the person you’re dating, it’s wise to be careful. Here are clear signs to help you find out if you are dating a narcissist.

They Have Zero Empathy

  • Lack of empathy, the inability to understand or share the feelings of others, is a key trait of a narcissist. They frequently struggle to apologize or understand the emotions and viewpoints of others.

Narcissists cannot acknowledge, support, or understand your feelings, as they don’t grasp the concept of emotions. This absence of empathy, or even sympathy, is a red flag that often leads to the breakdown of many relationships involving individuals with narcissistic traits.

They Constantly Criticize You

  • At first, it seems like playful teasing, but gradually, it turns into something more hurtful. Suddenly, every aspect of your life, including what you wear and eat, who you spend time with, and even your TV preferences, becomes a target for criticism.

They’ll belittle you and make jokes that aren’t really funny. They aim to lower others’ self-esteem to boost their own, as it gives them a sense of power. Moreover, reacting to their remarks only encourages their behavior. A narcissist loves getting a reaction, as it shows them they have control over someone else’s emotional state.

They Were Charming In The Beginning

  • Individuals with NPD often show traits of grandiosity and fantasy. Your relationship may have seemed like a fairy tale at the beginning; perhaps they showered you with constant compliments or confessed their love early on. They might have praised your intelligence or emphasized your compatibility, even in the early stages of your relationship.

Experts advise caution if someone comes on too strong in the beginning. While it’s natural to enjoy feeling desired, genuine love requires time and effort to grow. If you feel it’s too soon for them to love you truly, it probably is. Or if you sense they don’t know enough about you to love you genuinely, they probably don’t.

They Use Gaslighting to Control You

  • Gaslighting, a tactic of manipulation and emotional abuse, is a defining characteristic of narcissism. Individuals with NPD may use blatant lies, false accusations, truth distortion, and overall reality manipulation when faced with challenges to their authority or fears of abandonment.

Their behavior can result in:

  • Feeling disconnected from your former self.
  • Frequent self-doubt about being overly sensitive.
  • Regularly apologizing.
  • Sensing that something is wrong but unable to pinpoint it.
  • Justifying your partner’s behavior.

If they undermine your achievements with insults or dismissive comments, it’s time to reconsider the relationship. They want to ensure you know that you’re not superior to them because, in their eyes, nobody is.

They Never Apologies or Their Apologies Lack Sincerity

signs your partner is a narcissistThere’s no room for debate or compromise with a narcissist because they believe they are always correct. You might be involved with a narcissist if you feel like your partner:

  • Doesn’t truly listen to you.
  • Fails to understand your perspective.
  • Refuses to take accountability for their actions.
  • Never try to compromise.

While ending the relationship is often the wisest action when dating someone with narcissistic traits, avoid arguments. What bothers a narcissist is the loss of control and the lack of a fight. The less resistance you provide, the less influence they have over you.

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