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Why Modern Day Relationships Fail? Fix Them Now

reasons why modern day relationships fail

Dating coaches discuss ‘why modern day relationships fail’

Dating, love, relationships, and commitments have evolved over the years. Modern, new-age relationships are a lot more casual and a lot less invested than the years before. Advancements in technology, changing lifestyles and socioeconomic dynamics have changed our perception of love and relationships. 

Modern-day relationships are easy to build but difficult to maintain. The lines between love and lust have blurred. Commitments are taken lightly and rather than putting in the effort to sustain a relationship, breaking up and ending it seems an easier path to adopt. In short, new-age relationships have lost substance, quality and have become a mockery of what classic love used to be. 

Let us take a look at the common causes which lead to the failure of modern-day relationships and how to fix them. 

Commitments are Not Honored

  • Modern-day couples are afraid of anything real. They like living in the moment but prefer not to make long-term commitments. They do not want anything or anyone tying them down. Even when commitments are made, they are rarely honored. 

The reason is that relationships require sacrifice and adjustments on both ends. The new-age couples are not willing to step out of their comfort zone and make adjustments and accommodations for the other person. Verbal promises and commitments are made frequently but when practical action is needed, both partners prefer quitting rather than standing by each other. 

Dating Because Too Afraid of Being Single

  • Digital spaces and media influence us in multiple ways. We see other people being in blissfully committed relationships and we find ourselves wanting the same. Some people believe that being single carries a stigma and if you are single for too long, you feel left out. 

Most people would jump on the bandwagon of being in an apparently blissfully committed relationship whether or not they are ready for it. Once in a relationship, they realize this is not what they needed and wanted in life, at least for the time being. Any relationship that was built on such shallow grounds has no guarantee of sustaining over the course of time. 

  • In most cases, these relationships end in failure.

Trying to Reach Fake and Unattainable Couple Goals

We see celebrities and our own friends setting cool trends as couples, be it a vacation at an expensive resort, gifting each other fancy gifts, or getting matching tattoos. These cool trends are termed as ‘couple goals’. When the ordinary couple sees them on social media, they try to imitate them, even if subconsciously. 

  • The truth is that the dynamics and circumstances of every relationship are different. Every couple can have different goals to achieve. However, when the relationship is built on shallow grounds, it is difficult to define what couple goals mean to you. When you are unable to achieve the so-called couple goals, bitterness comes into the relationship which eventually leads to its death.

Promiscuity and Lack of Loyalty

why modern day relationships fail

Millennials and Generation Z consider themselves ‘sexually liberated’. They believing in having sex just for the heck of it. Every relationship demands loyalty and it is the core value on which a relationship is built. When people get bored with their partners in a relationship, they look for sexual experiences outside the relationship. 

  • Promiscuity and lack of loyalty screws up relationships. The involvement of a third person in a relationship is one of the leading causes of heartbreak and the end of a relationship. 

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