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What Are The Best Haunted Places For Couples to Visit in Fredericksburg?

best haunted places for couples in fredericksburg

Love scary movies? Visit these haunted places for couples in Fredericksburg

Fredericksburg is a city located in the state of Virginia. It is located 58 miles away from Richmond, which is the capital of Virginia. Virginia is one of the oldest states in the USA. Due to its strategic location, the state of Virginia has been home to multiple historical events, the most important of which was The Civil War. 

Fredericksburg played a crucial role during the Civil War as it was located midway between the capitals of the Union and Confederates’ Armies.

Whereas the city of Fredericksburg is a bustling and lively city now, it was once home to multiple battles, riots, unrest, bloodshed, and gore. Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania National Military Park has been made to commemorate the four major battles fought on the land of Fredericksburg.

You can expect a few ghost stories in a city as historically rich as Fredericksburg. If you and your paramour are interested in paranormal activities, then visiting these haunted places in Fredericksburg is a must. So read on.

St. Georges Episcopal Church

  • The first ghost sighting at this church was observed in 1858. Since then, multiple ghost sightings and strange paranormal activities such as doors slamming and objects flying have occurred in this old church. Ghost hunters have made bold claims of being in a mysterious Red Room but no such room has been found in the blueprints of the church.

It is said that the first ghost sighting was observed by Miss Ella McCarty in the19th century. She found a mysterious and ancient-looking woman kneeling in prayer at the altar in a completely deserted church. The strange lady disappeared within seconds leaving Miss Ella utterly disheveled. 

Virginia Hall- University of Mary Washington

  • It is a public university located in Fredericksburg, Virginia. It was founded in 1908 and has been home to multiple paranormal sightings and activities. The most famous incident occurred in Virginia Hall in an all-girls dormitory.

As reported, two roommates lived on the second floor of the dormitory. One night, one of the roommates woke up and caught sight of a strange-looking man looking over her roommate who was fast asleep. He leaned over and grasped her roommate by her neck. 

  • It appeared that the ghost was choking the fast asleep girl. Upon seeing this harrowing sight, the other girl started screaming hysterically. The roommate woke up all startled. She didn’t recall being strangled. However, strange enough there were angry red marks around her neck. 

This has been one of the most famous and terrifying ghost sightings in the University of Mary Washington. Other strange sightings have also been observed.

Fall Hill Plantation

  • haunted places for couples in fredericksburgSpread over 28 ha, this plantation is situated close to the falls on the Rappahannock River in Fredericksburg, Virginia. It is said that this plantation is haunted by the ghost of Katrina, who was a Sioux Indian princess. She died on this plantation in 1777 and it appears that her soul continues to inhabit the vast plantation even after death.

She worked as a governess to the Thornton family which owned the Fall Hill Plantation. She looked after many of their children. Katrina’s ghost makes her presence noted through moving shadows, swinging doors, and ghostly voices. 

  • However, her ghost is said to be benevolent and not evil.  

For all the brave couples out there, visit these famous haunted places to get the true essence of Fredericksburg. This information has been brought to you by Bloom Matchmaking. They provide matchmaking services for singles residing in Central Virginia. 

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