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5 Wonderful Things for Couples to do in Fredericksburg

amazing things for couples to do in fredericksburg

Staying in Fredericksburg with your love? Here are a few amazing things for couples to do in Fredericksburg

The city of Fredericksburg is located between Richmond and Washington D.C. This makes it a perfect and convenient destination for people residing in either of the cities.  Fredericksburg is renowned for its note-worthy restaurants, scenic, and bustling downtown area, breweries, and shops.  Fredericksburg is a historically important city.

It played an important role during The Civil War and Colonial era. The city has much to offer for history and art lovers in the form of museums and monuments. If you and your paramour are planning a trip to this wonderful city, then read our guide for couples to have the perfect holiday in Fredericksburg.

Vist Gari Melchers Home & Studio at Belmont

  • If you and your paramour are art lovers, then a visit to Gari Melchers Home & Studio is a must. Melcher was a very successful painter of the 20th century. He constructed a studio in Fredericksburg on his personal property. As the years passed by, his art garnered a lot of attention and admiration.

To commemorate and preserve his paintings, Gari Melchers’ studio has been declared a National Historic Landmark. The studio contains over 1600 paintings, drawings, and other pieces of art. The art displayed at Gari Melchers’ studio portrays the artistic hues of the 20th century. 

Shop at the River Rock Outfitter

  • When you visit Fredericksburg, do not forget to paddle at the Rappahannock River. Getting active and undertaking fun adventurous activities releases pheromones which help in rapid bonding between two individuals. To better prepare for paddling, fishing, camping, climbing, and hiking we recommend you to shop at the River Rock Outfitter.

It is an outdoor shop that has all the sports accessories you need. You can rent kayaks, paddleboards, and their related gear. Not just that, River Rock Outfitter also gives lessons to newbies for different outdoor activities. These activities include paddle boarding, fly fishing, kayaking, and rock climbing. 

Pay A Visit to The Kenmore Plantation & Gardens

  • The Kenmore Plantation and Gardens were built during the latter part of the 18th century. They were originally established by George Washington’s sister and her husband. These gardens are located on the bank of the Rappahannock River. 

The plantations originally expanded over an area of 1300-acres, but the only surviving structure of these gardens is the Georgian-style brick mansion. The remnants of the colonial times can still be felt in the Kenmore Mansion. 

  • Take a 45-minutes tour of the gorgeous mansion along with your loved one and enjoy the echos of history. After exploring the mansion, you will be directed to Kenmore gardens which are filled with exotic plantations. 

Plan A Tour of The A. Smith Bowman Distillery

  1. Smith Brown Distillery is not an ordinary distillery. It has been in place since 1935 and it has been supplying alcohol to Virginia ever since. The distillery was put in place right after the end of the Prohibition period.
  • Upon visiting the distillery, you will observe the processes which are involved in the making of different alcoholic beverages. The distillery claims to manufacture the best bourbon. To live up to their claim, the distillery arranges tours for free and complimentary tastings. 

A visit to the distillery will not only add to your knowledge but will also give you the chance to taste top-notch beverages.

Roam Around At The Historic District

  • things for couples to do in fredericksburgThe National Historic District is a blend of vintage and modern. The district consists of more than 350 buildings that were constructed during the 18th and 19th centuries. These buildings are reflective of The district’s distinct past. Along with that, more than 100 contemporary shops, boutiques, and restaurants are located in the area. 

The district provides an amazing shopping experience. After exploring the area with your paramour, have delicious lunch or dinner at one of the many splendid restaurants or cafes in the place. 

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