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5 Remarkable Signs She Is The One For You

telltale signs she is the one for you

Matchmaker reveals telltale signs she is the one for you

Casual dating is fun and exciting, but as the years pass one we crave more security and stability in a relationship. While marriage is not the end goal for everyone, most of us want to end up with one special person to share the rest of our lives with. The predicament that almost everyone shares is how to know if a person is the one for you.

There is no scientific formula for knowing that your love interest is the person you are destined to be with. Yet there are some common telltale signs which can help you figure out if you have found The One. There are some women a man cannot afford to lose. If you experience the following signs with your partner and in your relationship, you should know that it is the real deal.

She is Emotionally Intelligent and Sorted Out

For the success ad sustainability of a relationship, the emotional quotient is more important than the intelligence quotient (IQ). If your woman is emotionally mature and sorted out, then she is a keeper. Some common signs of high EQ are:

  • Handles criticism positively and doesn’t get offended over petty things.
  • Doesn’t hold grudges and lets go of others’ mistakes.
  • Is in tune with her strengths and weaknesses.
  • Doesn’t display volatile and sudden mood swings.
  • Has a happy-go-lucky demeanor and a positive attitude towards life.

An emotionally mature and sorted out person can bring stability in your life and help you become the best version of yourself.

She Makes You Laugh

  • If you intend to spend your life with a person, it is important that she can regulate your mood for the better. At times, life gets tough and during those times your partner should come through for you. If your partner can make you laugh, she can help you get through troubling times. Having a sense of humor and knowing how to use it is a sign of emotional intelligence. 

So if your woman can make you laugh and enjoys life in general, she may be The One. 

You Share The Same Core Values

  • Two partners can have different personalities and different political, cultural, and religious views, etc. There is beauty in diversity. However, in order to have a smooth relationship, it is important that you and your girlfriend share the same core values

If your moral compass and your core values align with your partner, it is a positive sign and can help in the longterm sustainability of the relationship. 

She is a Giver, Especially With You

  • We all want to have a giver as a partner. If giving comes naturally to your partner then she is a keeper. If the natural inclination of both partners is to give more and take less then the relationship is headed in the right direction. 

Loving That Person Comes Naturally To You

sureshot signs she is the one for you

One of the most important factors against which a relationship should be gauged is the ease and comfort you feel around your partner. Does loving her come naturally to you? Does the mere sight of her make you want to do more and be better for her sake? 

  • Do you happily and willingly put her needs before you? If the answer is yes, then congrats! Your relationship is headed in the right direction. 

Ease and comfort are very important factors in determining the longterm stability of a relationship. If your relationship has these qualities, it is precious and something you should hold onto. 

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