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5 Do’s and Dont’s of A Healthy Relationship

thriving healthy relationship

Love decoded – Master the 5 do’s and dont’s for a blissful healthy relationship

Relationships are like delicate plants. Nurture them with the right ingredients and they will blossom and give flowers. But if neglected they will wilt away and die eventually. Relationships can be tricky but they are the most important part of one’s life. They make our lives worth living and give meaning to them. As the saying goes: Love is the best thing we do.

To maintain a healthy, stable, and happy relationship, every person must abide by some rules. We have compiled a list of important do’s and don’ts of a healthy relationship. Let us see what to do and what to avoid in order to have a longlasting and healthy relationship.


DO show acceptance

  • A lot of times opposites attract. An introvert might be attracted to an extrovert and vice versa. If your partner differs from you on multiple levels and sublevels, accept them for who they are. Don’t try to mold them into a mirror image of yourself. 

When two people live together they take up each other’s characteristics, but this has to be the result of an organic process and should not be forceful. Accept them for who they are. Otherwise, your partner might grow to resent you for not lending acceptance and validation to their personality.

DO practice transparency and honesty

  • Your partner should be your best friend. Nothing important should be hidden from them, whether it is emotions or routine stuff. Construct your relationship on the foundations of honesty and transparency. They lead to the development of unwavering trust between two people which is the most important component of any healthy relationship.

While communicating your honest feelings, be mindful of your tone and words. Choose a mild tone and words to convey an unwelcoming message. But any difficult message should be conveyed, no matter the outcome. Bottled up feelings and sneaky secrets can rot a relationship. 

DO be generous in your praise

  • When the romance initially starts, both partners are full of praises for each other. With time, they accommodate one another and the praiseworthy qualities become normal. Hence praise and appreciation start to fade. 

Continue being generous with your appreciation for your partner throughout your life. The angle of appreciation can change with time. For e.g. your initial attraction for your paramour may be due to their good looks, but over time you come to the realization that he/she is an excellent cook as well.

  • So don’t forget to thank them every time they cook you a wonderful meal. Such small acts of kindness and love will keep the relationship ticking.


Don’t project your issues on them

  • Everyone carries emotional baggage with them. Our past experiences often dictate how we behave in our current relationships. If you have suffered emotionally in the past due to failed romantic relationships or had any other traumatic experience, you may be biased towards your current relationship as well. 

Avoid projecting previous insecurities and issues on the present relationship. It can destroy your relationship with a person who cares about you immensely. Accept a good thing when you see one and know that you deserve it.

Don’t hold grudges

  • healthy relationshipHard though it may be, it is better to let go of the mistakes of your paramour if you wish to have a long-term and happy relationship. Learn to cut each other some slack and empathize with one another It is possible that an insensitive remark was made by them due to some bottled-up frustration. Learn to let go of the small things and focus on the positives.

Now that you know the important do’s and dont’s of a relationship, it is time to find your special someone. If you haven’t had luck finding love as of yet, we recommend you take the help of a professional matchmaker.

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