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5 Things Men Seek In A Relationship

5 things men seek in a relationship

Read his mind – The things men seek in a relationship are revealed!

A woman’s eternal quest is to know what men really want from their women. If you believe men only seek physical intimacy in a relationship, you are wrong. Like women, men also want something more than just the physical touch. Men are usually the less communicative partner in a relationship. They differ from women on multiple levels.   

In order to understand their desires in a relationship, it is imperative to see things through their eyes. So let’s have a look at what men really crave in a relationship.


Everyone desires to be understood for who they really are. Most men remain misunderstood by their peers and friend.   This is why they will seek your approval and acceptance more than anything, when in a relationship. It is important that you ask him about the little things like how his day went or listen to him talk about things he loves. Do not forget to comfort him on his difficult days.

Men need a woman who can look past the façade of being the tough guy. Being understood by their significant other will only make them more grateful and they will begin to put more trust in their partner.


  • It is a human instinct to throw shade at people, but nobody likes to be treated poorly. When it comes to your significant other, one must be very careful not to cross the line, no matter how thin it is. Men are built with slightly brittle egos, so you should be mindful and accepting of his views and respect him the way he is. A relationship built on mutual respect goes a long way. 

Personal Space

  • While men enjoy being intimate and physically close to their partners, they require personal space just like women. Men too need their me-time or as they call it “bro time.” They may start feeling suffocated if their partner gets overly clingy. So that’s a no-go zone. 

They too need some time away from their partner from time to time to unwind and relax.

Taking Initiative 

  • things men seek in a relationshipMen may not say it out loud, but they love a woman who has the ability to take control. Research proves that men love it when a woman makes the first move or takes initiative in physical intimacy. To them,  it is a big turn-on.

Plan a fun game night or a nice picnic date on a sunny warm day.  Surprise him by showing up at his office with his favorite lunch and he will fall in love even more. 

We have saved the golden rule of what men want for the end!

To be Pampered

  • Men may not be forthcoming with their desire to be pampered, but they need and want it as much as women. Underneath the tough exterior, your guy will be the biggest man-child who would want to be pampered and cared for. So if you want him feeling loved, pamper and shower him with love. 

Now that we have covered the basics of what men want, the only thing missing is the man himself. No need to worry though because we’ve got you covered.  If you are residing in Central Virginia, consult Bloom Matchmaking. They provide matchmaking services and will help you find love. 

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