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5 Do’s and Don’ts of a Perfect First Date

first date tips

How to impress – First date essentials you can’t afford to miss!

Dating can be fun for some and somewhat tricky for others. Regardless of your attitude towards dating, there is a general consensus that first dates carry a lot of pressure. First dates are similar to job interviews. In both situations, you try to present the best version of yourself. A blind first date can all the more nerve-wracking. The outcome of a first date can be a decisive factor in your romantic life. A good first date has the potential to turn into a longlasting romantic relationship. There is no sure-shot formula for having the perfect first date. However, there are certain do’s and don’ts you can abide by to have a memorable experience. Let’s take a look.

  • DO be mindful of your dressing. While we don’t suggest going overboard with your outfit, we do recommend putting some thought and effort into it. Choose an outfit that you think compliments you the best. Super casual attire can be a turn off as it coneys a very laid back attitude towards the date itself.

On the other hand, very formal attire can send a signal that you are coming on too strong. It can be another type of turn off. Moderation, thoughtfulness, and being comfortable in your own skin are the keys to choosing an outfit for your first date.

  • DON’T use your phone excessively. Using your phone excessively will give the vibe that you are uninterested in the person sitting opposite to you. All of us have been in such a situation where a friend or colleague seems more interested in their phone than us. It is unpleasant to be on the receiving end of that.

Giving divided attention to your date is a blatant display of bad manners. It can also be a potential deal-breaker. Your first date deserves all your attention and focus. So put your phone on silent and place it in your pocket to urge the temptation to check it every five minutes.

  • DO be courteous and exhibit good manners. If you are a male reading this, let us remind you that chivalry and good manners will never be out of fashion. The same goes for ladies. A first date is a good opportunity to showcase your solid upbringing and courteous manners.

Use common courteous phrases such as please, thank you, and sorry while addressing waiters and bartenders. Open the door for your lady love and win her over with such acts of subtle chivalry.

  • first dateDON’T talk about yourself only. If you are an extrovert, you might get carried away and end up talking about yourself only. The entire point of the first date is to get to know each other better. If your date appears to be an introvert, draw him or her out by asking casual questions. You can comment on the ambiance of the restaurant or taste of the food to draw out a response from your date.

A good conversationalist knows how to keep a balance between expressing himself and evoking a response from the listener. If you remain focused on yourself solely, you will come across as obnoxious and self-absorbed.

  • DO resist the urge to come on too strong. This becomes problematic when you find your date super attractive or you have an overfriendly personality. However, resist the urge to say sweet nothings like babe or honey to a person you have just met.

Be mindful of physical contact as well. If you get the vibe that your date will respond well to more intimate gestures like a hug or kiss then go for it. Otherwise, a hearty handshake will do. If you are looking for professional matchmakers in Central Virginia contact Bloom Matchmaking now. Their dating experts will help you have the perfect first date.

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