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Bloom Matchmaking Gets Featured On Medium

bloom matchmaking gets featured on medium

When to trust bloom matchmaking – Unveiling their medium feature

Medium is one of the most popular online publishing platforms with massive viewership and following. Medium recognizes the commendable efforts of Paula Padrel, the love guru and expert matchmaker, in helping people find a suitable partner. In a candid discussion with Medium, Paula shares her inspiring journey of being one of the most successful matchmakers across the country.

Paula’s Inclusive Approach to Matchmaking

  • Medium featured Paula as a part of its dynamic ‘5 Things We Can Each Do Help Solve The Loneliness Epidemic’ interview series. Matchmaking is a fun business, and Paula shared some interesting and humorous stories from her experience as a matchmaker. Paula also discussed her efforts to make Bloom Matchmaking more inclusive by offering specialized services to autistic individuals. She plans on hiring an autistic and neurodivergent skills coach to help autistic individuals find love.

Paula’s Role in Combating Loneliness

  • Paula's bloom matchmaking Paula discussed her views on the loneliness epidemic and how it has affected an individual’s mental and physical well-being. Paula believes that healthy and nurturing relationships are absolutely vital for a well-performing society. Isolation and loneliness cause individuals to overthink and lead to various unhealthy behaviors such as substance abuse, depression, and unrestrained anger. Paula is playing her role in combating the epidemic of loneliness by connecting her clients with compatible individuals and coaching them on how to establish a strong and nurturing relationship.

Paula on Online Dating and Emotional Intelligence

  • Paula believes that online dating has done more harm than good. Online dating platforms present a uni-dimensional picture of an individual based on their looks and the information they provide. Online dating usually ends in disappointment; hence, Paula advises her clients to abstain from texting too much before meeting the person in real life. Paula believes that face-to-face interaction usually yields better results, especially during the nascent phase of dating.

Paula believes we should all acquire emotional intelligence as it is the key to fostering long-term and healthy relationships.

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