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3 Tips for Making a Long Distance Relationship Work During Coronavirus

long distance relationship in covid

3 tips for keeping the spark alive in your long distance relationship amid coronavirus

Millions of couples have been separated from each other as the governments of the world race to fight the spread of COVID-19, limiting them to stay in their homes and maintain social distancing. In a few cases, some of the couples were away on a business trip abroad when the borders of many countries were sealed without warning.

For those who were already in a long distance relationship prior to the pandemic and had plans to meet in the near future, now things are looking tough. We talked to a few couples from around the world on how they are managing their relationship in these hard times.

Communicate Through Voice and Video Recordings

  • You are probably not going to get a chance to see your loved one for as long as your city is locked-down. In times like this, make good use of voice and video recordings. Send romantic notes to your partner and talk to them via smartphone applications using both voice and video.

To keep things interesting, set a time both of you can talk to each other and ensure that you properly dress up and groom yourself for the partner. Talk to each other for as long as you can.

Play Video Games Together

  • Want to spend some fun time with your partner during the coronavirus pandemic? The best way to do so is to play online games. You can choose a platform you are both comfortable with. For instance, if you are not familiar with console or PC gaming, why not invite your partner to a smartphone game.

Games are a great way to have fun together and thankfully, there are plenty of games to play on any given platform today. Select a game your partner prefers and play together to keep things interesting and fun.

Watch a Movie Together On Netflix

  • Before the lockdown, couples used to get together and watch Netflix together on the same couch. Since that isn’t possible anymore, Netflix and Google have released an extension that allows you to watch a movie or season on the browser together.

You can talk to each other the same way you would if you were watching the show together. Make use of this great plug-in if you miss watching movies together.

Make Travel Plans for the Future

  • The COVID-19 pandemic will take some time to go away but that doesn’t mean the world and your travel plans have come to an end. Talk to your partner and make plans to travel together after the pandemic is over. This will give you both motivation to live through this time. And when things have settled down, it will be quite exciting to travel together.

Trouble Keeping Up With Your Relationship?

  • long distance relationshipIf you are finding it hard to maintain your relationship and suspect that things are going south because the two of you cannot meet anymore, there’s still hope. You can seek professional help from dating coaches and matchmakers to help you survive this time.

At Bloom Matchmaking, we have years of experience in bringing couples together. We connect them from the very beginning and ensure that they live up to each other’s expectations by educating them about love and relationships. Feel free to book your online appointment today and talk to one of our matchmakers for expert advice on how to keep your long distance relationship working during the pandemic.


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