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How to Make the Conversation Flow

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First dates can be tricky. Especially if you need help to avoid awkward silences. Struggling to converse is quite common in the early stages of dating. This can make things extremely uncomfortable and reduce the chances of future dates. But, on the other hand, first dates can be fun and exciting. So, now you’re wondering how you get from awkward to excellent? Well, we have compiled some handy tips on making the conversation flow so you can land that second date!

Ask Questions About Your Date

This is the perfect way to get the conversation flowing and learn about the person you’re dating. Ask them questions about their life, hobbies, or what they do for a living. This not only helps the conversation but also helps loosen up the atmosphere and makes things less tense. Your date will see that you are interested in them and be more willing to open up and ask questions.


Be Honest

Chances are that your date is just as nervous as you are. If you like this person, tell them you haven’t dated in a while and are anxious. They will likely agree with you, and things will feel more relaxed between you. Be honest about your feelings, and the conversation will find you!

Listen to What Your Date is Saying

If your date does most of the talking and you are not answering, they may think you’re bored. Avoid this awkward time by keeping the conversation moving with questions or statements about what they are discussing. It is hard to keep a one-sided conversation moving. So, open up, talk about your life, ask your date questions, share things you enjoy doing on weekends, and talk about your work or places you’ve recently visited. First dates don’t have to be anxiety filled and scary. Contact Bloom Matchmaking to find the perfect person for you, and try out our dating tips!

It’s totally normal to have some awkwardness on a first date. The conversation may not flow right away and that is completely fine. However, to ensure that second date, you will want to follow these tips for how to make the conversation flow so that you won’t be staring at each other for much of your date. Open up, talk about your life, ask questions, and be yourself. First dates don’t have to be anxiety filled and scary. Contact Bloom Matchmaking to find the perfect person for you and try out our dating tips!


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