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Signs Your Date Isn’t Going Well

When going on a date, it’s expected to be excited and has high hopes for a potential relationship. But, unfortunately, things sometimes turn out differently than you want, and you find that you are your date just isn’t clicking. We have three signs your date isn’t going well to share with you.

They Only Talk About Their Ex

The topic of an ex is a bright red flag waving in your face. If your date won’t drop the conversation with their ex, it’s safe to assume they are just not over them. But, alas, this may mean they are trying to get over their ex by going on a date with someone new. Vice versa, if you can’t stop bringing up your ex, rethink the date and wait until you are ready for a new relationship.

The Spark Isn’t There

Sometimes you feel it, and sometimes you don’t. If you are not feeling any connection with your date, that’s a sign your date isn’t going well. You will only sometimes find an immediate spark with someone. If you are not feeling anything, you can either give it another try with a second date or move on to another person and see if you find what you are looking for in a relationship. Not being into your date usually means the date isn’t going well.

Your Date is Not Present

Suppose you repeatedly try to make conversation, and your date gives you a one-word answer. In that case, that’s a sign your date isn’t going well. If they are constantly checking their phone or are not into talking with you, they are likely, not interested, and it’s time to move on.

Dating is not always going to be a storybook experience where you find the love of your life immediately, it takes time and effort, and that is ok. But, finding the one is something that should be quick. Finding someone who is interested and feels a spark with you is important. Dating can be fun and worth it when you find the right one!


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