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Body Language and Dating

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3 Body Language Signs to Look for on First Dates


First dates are often filled with mystery and wondering if your date is as interested in you as you are with them. In fact, body language is always the best indicator. Besides, body language and dating go hand in hand because body language tells you what you need to know about how your date is going. Here are a few things to know about body language and dating.


1. They Maintain Eye Contact

On first dates, you are trying to read each other and human beings are notoriously bad at reading expressions of strangers. So, if your date maintains eye contact, they are interested and that’s a good sign! In fact, it means they want to know more about you. The good news is, maintaining eye contact is essential for intimacy and showing your date that you are attentive and focused on the moment.


2. They Lean into You

Also, when your date leans into you, it means they are invested in the conversation and feel closer to you. Equally important, they are interested in what you say and want to learn more about you. Moreover, this is a sure sign your date is going well!


3. They Playfully Touch You

If your date playfully touches you, it is a good sign that they are interested in you. In fact, some examples of playful touch are if your date reaches out to touch your hand, or puts their arm around you. Touch is a form of intimacy and shows that your date wants to be near you.

These different forms of body language and dating are all good indicators that your date is interested and there’s a very good chance of going on date number two. Don’t worry, we know how you feel. First dates usually come with nervousness and worry that your partner may not be into you. So, now you can look for signs of body language on dates and put the worrying to rest! Need more tips and tricks? We’d be happy to help you.

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