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Infla-Dating in 2023

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Inflation has affected many of our everyday lives, from groceries, gas, and even dating! The economics of dating has changed over the years resulting in a new trend referred to as “Infla Dating.” Infla-dating in 2023 means spending less on dates or nothing to ensure you have a romantic time without breaking the bank.

Infla-Dating Saves Money

Statistically, 48% of millennials and Gen Z preferred budget-friendly dates because they save them money and are more romantic. Going for a  walk in the park or having a picnic on the beach is a beautiful way to ensure your wallet is safe while not taking the romance out of the date. However, on average, dating costs about $3,000 annually and will rise with inflation so infa-dating in 2023 is not going anywhere any time soon. As a result, it can take a toll on the dating experience of many couples, resulting in stress over going on dates.


Ideas to consider

There are many options for Infla-dating in 2023. Some ideas are just as romantic as expensive dinners and movies but are half the cost! Hiking is an infla date dream! This one is for the active couples who enjoy the outdoors. With hiking, comes romantic views, intimate one-on-one time, and quiet conversation. You can even choose to bring food for a picnic and avoid overspending at a fancy restaurant. The museum/aquarium is an excellent infla-date option as well. The cost of tickets is affordable, and the romantic atmosphere  is a plus. The zoo, bowling, or just having a cup of coffee are all exceptional infla-date ideas that are guaranteed a good time at half the cost of a typical date.

Because the future of the economics of dating is yet determined, singles and couples face more financial stress. However, this can be fine with your dating life. Infla-dating in 2023 is an excellent way to save money, and still enjoy time with that special someone in your life.


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