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8 First Date Ideas

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Yay! Summoning the confidence to ask that special someone out and receiving a positive response, wow, what an experience! Now comes the challenging part of arranging your date. We’ve got 8 first date ideas for those of you living near Virginia Beach.

Date planning may be pretty nerve-wracking. You want to organize your date to ensure that you have a good time and demonstrate your interest. However, you do not wish to appear as if you are attempting too hard or overspending on something that may not succeed.

Here are some of the date activities you might consider if you are around Virginia Beach, Virginia.


1. Muse Paintbar

If you and your date are more on the artsy side or want to try painting for fun, you might love this place as they can cater to a step-by-step painting! Also, they have a bar wherein you can enjoy your favorite cocktails while painting! Imagine the memories you might takeaway as this involves a fun night and art class both of you will savor. Muse Paintbar is located at 4500 Main St., Ste 105 Virginia Beach, VA. Make sure to visit their website for more information.

2. Beach Arcade

Nothing beats a classic date of fun and arcade! What could go wrong with a playful day in an arcade by the beach where you can do everything! This place caters to a nostalgic hit on your inner child self, which brings the thrill on your date. Date in an arcade would be a go-to staple place for a date. Beach Arcade is located at 1424 Atlantic Ave., Virginia Beach, VA, 23451.

3. The Destruction Room

Dating helps you breathe for a while, a form of escape. This is not your typical date, but it is fascinating as you can de-stress more here with your date! Release all the raging hormones by throwing and ruining stuff. Unleash that inner rage you are feeling to breathe more. It makes you see your date’s outlook in life. The Destruction Room is located at 4425 Shore Dr Ste 104 Virginia Beach, VA 23455. Make sure to visit their site to learn more.

4. Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art

What’s more romantic than a museum date? This has been a serious trend over the internet because of its aesthetic vibe. It’s probably one of the most intimate dates you’ll ever encounter as someone’s interpretation of things reflects the way they view things, so if you really want to know the one you’re dating for, a museum date is vital. Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art is located at 2200 Parks Ave Virginia Beach, VA 23451. Visit for more information.

5. Beach

I mean, what could go wrong with a beach date? Maybe not a swimming day but a peaceful picnic type of date. All you need is a blanket and your food choice. Virginia Beach is the key! But, if you don’t want Virginia Beach’s hustle, visit Sandbridge Beach, which is less crowded.

6. Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurant – Virginia Beach

A simple date in a restaurant goes for those anxious enough to try thing but wants to take things slow. A nice meal always saves the day, plus wine! Their steak and key lime as dessert are exquisite and worth trying for! Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurant – Virginia Beach is located at 733 Lynnhaven Mall Lp Virginia Beach, VA 23452. Make sure to try their wine as they also have wine bars and a wine testing room.

7. Cape Henry Lighthouse

Something historical and classic. If you want a simple date, you can bring someone special here and just seize the view of the lighthouse built in the 1700s and overseeing the ocean. You can bring books while chilling here and just exchange conversations with your date. Cape Henry Lighthouse is located at 583 Atlantic Ave Fort Story, VA 23459.


8. Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center

One with the ocean. Sightseeing underwater animals that either make you happy or frightened. Learn about oceans with your date. Probably one of the cutest dates you’ll ever do. Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center is located at 717 General Booth Blvd, Virginia Beach, VA.

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