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Four Tips to Return to Real Life Dating

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Dating has been hard ever since the pandemic started, but we have four tips to return to real life dating after the pandemic. The long isolation periods have taken a toll on how we socialize, especially in our dating lives. We have longed for physical touch, romantic gestures, holding hands, and all other possible expressions of love. For many of us, dating seemed like a distant memory.

Dating culture has changed drastically from what it was like before the pandemic. Online dating sites and apps are now the norms, gone are the days of dating in person. But online dating doesn’t have the same feel as dating in real life. When you match, do you just meet at a local café? Then see if there is chemistry in person?

While dating apps make it easier to find someone instantly, they can often leave you disappointed. This makes some of us want to get back into dating in real life. However, things are still easier said than done. With the dynamics of dating changing, things have grown to be more awkward in real life for people getting to know each other.

How to get back into dating in real life? Here are four tips to help you out to get back into real life dating after the pandemic!

Get rid of your dating site account.

You can spend countless hours trying to find ‘the one for you online but still fail, right? No matter how hard you try, maybe dating online is just not your cup of tea. Most of the time, it’s really not your fault you can’t find your soul mate there. Dating site algorithms are usually based on the information you write which makes it harder to quantify compatibility between two people. So, if it isn’t working out,  why waste time? Maybe getting to know someone face-to-face is better for you to know if someone makes you have butterflies in your stomach.

Keep ice breakers ready.

Before considering meeting someone personally, get some topics ready when you’re meeting for the first time so that conversations don’t go too far into awkward silences. For example, when meeting up for coffee, you can start a conversation by asking them what they ordered or what they did before meeting you. Anything under the sky that won’t keep both of you silent! When both of you have a good conversation, then you can expect the next date on your calendar.

Plan things creatively.

Think outside the box and plan things creatively by keeping their interests in mind. It’s good to mix things up and plan something different for each date. If they like books, take them to the library. If they love art galleries, take them on a tour! This shows your genuine interest in keeping them happy and satisfied in your company.

Look them in the eye.

If you’re talking to someone and feel awkward all of a sudden after long periods of isolation (we get it!), make sure not to avoid looking them in the eye. Make them feel heard, show that you enjoy being in their company. It’s always nice to show that you’re interested in expressing a real connection between both of you.

Of course, before finally meeting someone in real-life after virtual chit-chats, the most important thing is to ensure safety parameters! After making sure that everything’s good to go, keep these four tips in mind, and you’ll get a great dating life back in no time!

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