When Is The Right Time To Introduce Your Date To Your Family And Friends

February, 27, 2020

It is quite common for new couples to be smitten by each other that they can’t wait to introduce each other to their friends and family. But since the opinions of your relatives and friends can often mean the seal of approval, there are a few things you must think about before you break the news.

Pick The Right Time

  • It usually takes a little time before two people really get to know each other. And since people are often controlled by the opinions of others, it is very important to first get to know your partner thoroughly before you introduce them to the most important people in your life.

You should trust your personal experiences and instinct with your new partner to form an opinion of your own and don’t let other’s opinions sway you away from that.

  • Friends and family will likely offer their unsolicited opinions on the person you are seeing. Therefore, it is very important that you wait until you are very confident about the relationship. And if there are children involved, remember to keep their interests in your mind as well.

Set Out Limits For Each other

  • If you have decided to introduce each other to your friends and family, make sure that you limit what you say. There are certain topics that may be taboo in a given family, so it is important to tell your partner what to say and what not to say during your first meeting with your parents and siblings.

Make Sure Things Are Comfortable

  • Comfort is a very crucial part of the first meeting. The ideal first meeting should be comfortable, and casual and you should have a set time limit for how long it should last. Don’t bring your boyfriend or girlfriend to a family party or dinner for the first time. This will likely put a lot of pressure on them. Instead, just settle for a casual meet up with your family in the private space of their home, or yours.

Don’t Force Your Partner

  • It is quite natural for you to rush things when you are excited to introduce your loved one to your family. But if your partner is not comfortable, or feels its not the right time, don’t force them. There is nothing more frustrating than meeting a family when you don’t want to yet.

You will have to work together as a team to make this important milestone in your relationship to work. Communicate with your partner, set limits, talk to them about how your family is like and if they feel they can handle the situation, go for it.

Seek Professional Help

  • Sometimes a partner may out rightly refuse to meet your parents and friends, if you are dealing with such a situation, there is a good chance your relationship is not headed in the right direction.

If you believe you can still make your relationship work with some help, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with a professional matchmaker.

Matchmakers are professionals who not only help you match with the right people, but they also help you manage your relationship.

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