What is a dating coach, and should I get one?

No, a dating coach is not someone who makes you run laps or speaks to you through an earpiece and tells you what to do and say while on a date. Rather, a dating coach is a professional specializing in strategizing and positioning you well within the dating scene, boosting your confidence, and helping manage any dating-related fear and anxiety. Dating in this day and age can be tricky! It’s challenging to remain confident amidst the burnout and mental health impacts that can come with today’s dating climate. A dating coach can stay objective and teach you more effective ways of navigating the dating scene rather than self-sabotaging.


We are trained to pick up on your dating blind spots, the behaviors you exhibit, and the things you say that may not come across the way you intended; we help redirect you so that your actions align better with your relationship goals. I can’t wave a magic wand or give you a love potion, nor can I chaperone you on a date to advise you. What I can do is show you how to find and be your best self with someone you want to be with more frequently.


Whether you need emotional support or help with texting, creating an online profile, or knowing what to wear, I am here for you. Think having a dating coach might be the right step to get you feeling confident in the dating game? I’d love to help.

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