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The Best Dating Advice for Men

Dating for men has changed over the years. The more modern idea is that men would make the first move as well as pick up their date and pay for the date. Now, dating for men has become more relaxed. However, relaxed does not mean that men still don’t feel the pressure. Flirting and communicating […]

Men’s Relationship Advice for Women

Men and women sometimes have a very different take on dating. Women may wonder what goes on in the male mind and how they view their relationships and vice versa. The fact of the matter is, you can never really know what the other is thinking unless you communicate. We have put together some relationship […]

Tips for Dating a Partner with Kids

Whether or not you are already a parent, dating someone with kids can be challenging. When dating a partner with kids, there are many things to consider, such as your role in their lives or how well you will get along. It can be intimidating to navigate a relationship with children, whether you have them […]

Signs You Are Ready for Marriage

Whether you have been with your partner for many years or, you want to start dating seriously, the end goal is usually marriage. Getting married is an exciting and important part of life for many people. Being ready for marriage differs from person to person, so how do you know what to look for? We’ve […]

Matchmakers Vs. Dating Apps

These days, dating is as simple as swiping left or right. There are many available apps that promise love in just a few clicks. The problem with using these apps is that any love connections made, have the strong potential of fizzing out. Meaningful, long-lasting relationships require personal interactions and meetings. If lasting, true love […]

Talking Points for First Date

Bloom match making

First dates are fun, exciting, and full of nerves. When you land a first date with someone you really like, you need some good talking points for the first date. Afterall, the goal is to form a lasting relationship. This can be intimidating and a little scary because you want to be sure you don’t run […]

Your Style & First Impressions

Bloom match making

Written by Anetra Bryd According to research, did you know that it takes anywhere from a tenth of a second to 30 seconds for someone to establish an opinion or impression about you? As a result, it’s critical that you think about, and put together, a wardrobe that suits your body type, lifestyle, and personal […]