3 Fun Historic Places for Couples to Visit in Fredericksburg, Virginia

October, 26, 2020

These historic places for couples to visit in Fredericksburg can change your dating game

Fredericksburg is located in the south of Washington DC. It is just an hour away from the capital of the world’s most prosperous nation. Expanded over an area of 10.52 sq mi, the city played an important role during The Civil War. The city bears the remnants of the Civil War which makes it an interesting place for any history geek.

But there is a lot more to Fredericksburg than historical monuments. The city balances the retro vibe with modern attractions such as plazas, chef-owned restaurants, theatres, and cinemas. If you and your paramour are history nerds then visit these fun historic places in Fredericksburg.

Visit Hugh Mercer Apothecary

  • Hugh Mercer Apothecary was a pharmacy that was founded in the mid-18th century by a physician named Hugh Mercer. A visit to the apothecary will allow you to take a peep into the bizarre medical practices of the 18th century such as stuffing tobacco in nostrils to treat a cold. 

Other hilarious practices include the use of leeches, snakeroot, and lancets to treat common ailments.

  • The building has been restored to preserve the medical practices of Colonial times. At the apothecary, you will be greeted by costumed staff who will walk you through the museum. Don’t be surprised if at one point the docents recommend you to use animal dung ointment as a cure for all your health issues. 

A visit to the apothecary will not only enlighten you about history, it will also make you grateful for modern and safe medical practices.

Explore George Washington’s Ferry Farm

  • This Ferry Farm is located along the northern bank of Rappahannock River. It is associated with George Washington because he moved to the farm in 1738 when he was just 6 years old. 5 years on, an 11 years old George became the sole owner of this farm after his father’s demise. 

The farm has now been turned into a Visitor Center. It is inundated with artifacts from the Civil War and colonial eras. 

  • At the end of the Visitor Center lies an interpretive replica of Washington’s home. Beyond that, 80 acres of the farmland is open for visitors. These farms contain information about the plants that were grown during the 18th century on plantations. You can hike down the ferry road or enjoy bird watching in the Wild Meadow. 

The Ferry Farm is a treat for nature and history lovers. Have a peaceful and intellectually rich trip to the Ferry Farm with your special someone.

Visit the Haunted Rising Sun Tavern

  • The Rising Sun Tavern is a historic building. It was originally built in 1760 by Charles Washington who was George Washington’s younger brother. The home was transformed into a tavern in 1792. 

The tavern served as a guest house for outsiders who frequently visited Fredericksburg for business purposes as it was an important port town during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. 

  • The tavern has been preserved in its previous glory. The classist, elitist, and sexist segregation of the lodging areas of the tavern provides a snapshot of the bygone eras. The best rooms were reserved for males with deep pockets while ladies and commoners were not treated so kindly.  

There are several rumors that Rising Sun Taverns are haunted by the ghost of John Fraizer. John was the former colonial owner of the tavern and by the looks of it, his spirit has not left the tavern. 

  • However, people say that the ghost of Fraizer is friendly and all he does is pull a few harmless pranks such as flicking lights on and off and tugging people from behind. 

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