Here’s How You Can Make Dating Exciting Again

July, 10, 2020

Trying hard to make dating exciting again? If you’re stuck in a dating rut like many other single Americans, it is time to change a few things up. It is okay to take a break from dating if things are not going your way, but it is not okay to give up due to frustration.

Bloom Matchmaking, a premium matchmaking service providing singles with a chance to meet like-minded people in Central Virginia, has listed down valuable tips that can help you reignite your dating life and make dating exciting again.


Look at Dates as Fun Nights Out

  • Dating can be a very nerve-wracking experience for men and women alike. If you go in there overthinking about your future with the other person, you’ll likely be going to feel the pressure. That pressure will be felt by both of you.

So it is a good idea to stay positive and go in there thinking to just have a fun night out with someone you don’t know yet. If you take things lightly and go with the flow, you’ll enjoy the date regardless of the outcome. And this way, you might even get a better chemistry response from your partner.


Don’t Stick to a Single Person

  • We’ve met a lot of men and women who cling on a single person and try their best to win their hearts. This strategy is not good because it makes things uninteresting and monotonous. Our advice? It’s okay to meet a few more people when you are dating someone.

Before you wrap yourself in a relationship, don’t stick to a single person. Explore and meet as many people as you can and don’t overthink. Go in there with an aim to have fun and you’ll likely find someone that really resonates with your personality.

  • But you need to be careful because this can act as a double-edged sword. The last thing you want is to become burnt out.


Don’t Let Anyone Else Plan Your Date

  • Although it is okay to seek out professional help to plan a date for yourself, we highly recommend planning yourself. Some people make the mistake of asking their friends and family for advice.

The more mouths, the more scrambled the advice gets and you’ll likely get confused at what to do during a date. Be a little creative and plan your own date. Think of where you would like to go with your date. Choose a place where you can both have fun together.

  • You could go sightseeing, to a concert, or even visit a museum together. A date doesn’t have to be limited to an upscale restaurant where food and drinks are the only things you can have.

Take your time to search for events happening in your area and plan the date accordingly. Ask your partner or surprise them with your choice so you can make dating exciting.


Take Professional Advice to Make Dating Exciting Again

If you’re still feeling underconfident and don’t want to go on a date because you think you’ll end up messing things, talk to one of our love coaches today. We have been helping singles with dating advice for decades and we’re ready to do the same for you.

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