Is Your Spouse Your Soulmate? Find Out Here

May, 31, 2021

Here are 5 common signs discussed by love gurus to identify ‘is your spouse your soulmate?’

Previously, you may have been a non-believer and cynical towards the idea of a soulmate. But lately, you have been feeling that your bae is someone very special and could be your soulmate. Who and what is a soulmate? Experts believe that soulmate is a person with whom you share irrevocable and extraordinary mental and emotional connections. They know you instinctively, bring peace to you and help you grow as a person. Soulmate relationships are mostly romantic in nature but can be platonic too.

If you believe that your bae is your soulmate then congratulations are in order because establishing a very deep and profound connection with someone is uncommon in today’s day and age. If you are still curious, then let us walk you through these unmistakable signs of having found a soulmate.

You Can Be Vulnerable Around Them

  • We all wear tough skin to mask our insecurities and our true inner self around other people. But with our soulmates, the masks come off naturally and instinctively. You don’t feel hesitant to share your insecurities, secrets, and deep wishes with your soulmate. The reason being that they understand you completely and often give advice that is in consonance with your own thought process.

Whenever you share a worry or thought with them, their words bring comfort and peace to you. They don’t judge you even when you share something which is a bit unconventional or strange. The sense of familiarity and peace you receive is exhilarating and liberating.

Sparks Fly Whenever You Touch Them

  • This is true for soulmate relationships that are romantic in nature. The physical chemistry you share with your soulmate is unlike anything you have experienced before. Sparks fly whenever you touch them. When together, you have this urge to touch and feel them all the time. The contact does not have to be necessarily sexual; even a light tap on the shoulder or running your hands through their hair feels great.

They Feel Like A Missing Piece of Your Soul

This is an important sign of having a soulmate. Since the time you met them, you have felt a deep and undeniable connection with them. The attraction is not just physical, but they have stirred a deep feeling inside your soul. With them, you experience a sense of familiarity which makes you wonder if you have known them on some other-worldly level as well.

  • Your soulmate feels like a missing part of your soul that you have finally found. The feeling is magical and the sense of calm it brings to you is often difficult to describe in words.

is your spouse your soulmate

You Feel All Their Emotions Deeply and Vice Versa

Your connection is so deep that your emotions are also tangled. Whatever your soulmate is feeling, you feel it too. You experience extreme empathy towards your soulmate and they reciprocate this feeling. If they succeed in something, you are probably happier for them than their own self. If your soulmate encounters a problem, you will not be at peace till their problem is solved.

Your Life Goals are Identical

  • You guys may not agree on small trivial matters like where to dine out and whether to watch a movie or go out on a weekend, but your life goals are in consonance with each other. You agree on important things such as raising a family, moving out of the country, or your financial plans. Along with that, you share the same values and everything you do is a reflection of your shared thought process. This is what makes you tick as a couple.

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