How To Know If She Is The One for You?

April, 19, 2021

How to know if she is the one for you? Look for the following signs

Marriage is one of the biggest decisions a man makes. It affects his whole life. A lot of men are commitment-phobic because they don’t want to be tied down to the wrong person. Even when they like a girl a lot, they still ponder over their decision to propose to her over and over again. Millions of thoughts such as: are she the person I want to wake next to every day? Does she truly make me happy? Do I commit to never sleeping with anyone again?

Sometimes the fear to commit can lead men to break up with the love of their life. They then spend the rest of their life alone and in regret.  To determine whether she is truly the one for you, look for the following signs:

The Relationship Seems Natural Right From The Start

  • If you have shared natural chemistry with her right from the start, then it is a good sign. Couples who don’t go through the dreaded ‘Define The Relationship’ phase often share seamless chemistry. Their relationship seems like the most natural thing, and both partners are on the same page regarding the status of their relationship.

Volatile relationships where there is a lot of breaking and making up and usually not very stable. They often don’t end up in healthy marriages. If you feel that you have shared a natural and stable relationship with her right from the start, then you should be sure that she is the one for you.

She Fits in Well With Your Circle of Friends and Family

  • If your girlfriend gels in well with your inner circle of friends and family, then she may be the one. You are the personification of everything your family represents. Likewise, you choose your friends on the basis of mutual likes and interests. If your girlfriend doesn’t get along well with them, she may be negating an important aspect of you.

However, if both her and your family get along well then take it as a good sign and buy that ring already.

There is Nothing You Would Change About Her

  • No two people are similar and 100% in consonance with each other. That said, the foundation of a strong and healthy relationship is built on mutual harmony and compatibility. When we date someone, we like their positive attributes more than their shortcomings. If you find no major flaws and shortcomings in your girlfriend and would want her to remain her true self, then congratulations are in order.

However, if certain aspects of her personality bother you, then give the relationship another thought. You should not expect her to change after marriage, because people seldomly do.

how to know if she is the one for you

She is Your Best Friend

Sharing a seamless and natural friendship with your significant other is very important for the sustenance of one’s marriage. Physical and romantic attraction are important components of a relationship, but a strong friendship is what will hold the ground once the romance evolves and the relationship may take a more platonic tone, post marriage.

Here are some signs that you share a genuine and strong friendship:

  • You want to spend all your time with her.
  • Even the most boring tasks are enjoyable when done with her.
  •  She understands you like no one else and you can share anything with her.

If all of the above stands true, then you should know that she is a keeper.

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