How to Date During Covid-19 Pandemic?

March, 8, 2021

A pandemic shouldn’t stop you from loving. Here are ideas on how to date during Covid-19 pandemic from top dating coaches near you

The Covid-19 pandemic has altered the way we spend our lives. Social distancing and isolation have been tough on everyone. They have made people lonelier and more in need of human companionship and love. This pandemic and the accompanying changes have altered the rules of dating.

The days of holding hands, kissing, and playful touch are over. Rather sweet romantic gestures have been replaced by online messages and maintaining social distance even with your sweethearts. The covid pandemic has made us realize the importance of human contact and the central place love occupies to keep us ticking. 

The dynamics of dating have changed. If you wish to find love in the times of Coronavirus, you will have to mold yourself accordingly. Listed below are some practical dating tips that can help you lead a healthy love life even during the pandemic. So let us take a look.

Sort Out Your Feelings and Priorities Before Making Any Move

As the pandemic continues to rage on, we have become pretty selective in the people we meet face-to-face. The same goes for dating. Casual dating has become riskier and less popular among Americans. Hence, it is important to sort out your feelings and priorities before you agree to meet someone. 

Answer the following questions to yourself before you embarking on the journey to find love:

  • Are you looking for a short-term fling or a long-term committed relationship?
  • What do you seek the most from a relationship; physical attraction or mental compatibility?
  • What is your ideal dating scenario in this situation?
  • Would you like to date virtually or do you want to be in a physical relationship during this pandemic?

Having your priorities sorted out can help you match up with someone who shares your interests and your thoughts about what an ideal dating scenario can look like during this pandemic. 

Be Forthcoming in Your Needs and Wants

  • The pandemic has affected everyone differently. Some of us practice more caution and take extra health measures when meeting people. It is important to communicate your comfort level regarding face-to-face meetings with your prospective date.

If you wish to have a couple of virtual dates before seeing them in person, then communicate this at an early stage. If you are meeting your date in person, then determine the rules beforehand such as both parties will wear masks and maintain a safe distance while sharing the same physical space. 

  • Some people insist that both parties get themselves tested before meeting each other. Whatever your boundaries and comfort level be, make sure you uphold them and your prospective date should respect them too.

how to date during covid-19 pandemic using social distancing

Safety Parameters to Consider Before Transitioning From Virtual to In-Person Dates

Suppose you have hit it off with someone through virtual dates. You both feel it is time to take your relationship to the next level i.e. meet your date in-person. Before taking this big step in your new relationship, determine the following factors: 

  • Transmission rates of Covid in your areas.
  • Has either of you been in contact with someone who may have contracted the virus in the recent past?
  • What is the risk factor of the dating activity you have planned? If you have planned to have lunch outdoors, does the restaurant comply with safety parameters? Or is there a safer alternative to the activity you have planned for your date; for e.g. eating outdoors is safer than eating indoors. 

Determining these parameters will give you an honest evaluation of the risk of exposing yourself to the virus. You can take safety measures and modify your plan accordingly

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