Enjoying Richmond’s Nightlife

October, 4, 2019

Now that you’ve experienced some romantic daytrips in the Richmond area, it’s time to shower, get fancy (or not), and experience the local nightlife. These are some of our favorite destinations for an extra romantic evening.

Q Rooftop Bar

Located atop the Quirk Hotel in downtown Richmond, this is a great place to grab drinks before or after dinner. The comfortable outdoor seating plus the city lights make this an ideal location to enjoy a romantic evening. With the beautiful city views and the sparkling lights, selfies are a must!


Inside the historic Jefferson Hotel is arguably the most romantic restaurant in or around the city. Dress your best and go for drinks, or reserve a table and enjoy the city’s most upscale dining experience. The food at Lemaire is a work of art. Afterwards, stroll around the beautiful interior of the hotel.

Altria Theater

Formerly known as The Mosque, this beautiful theater was built in 1927 and restored in the mid-90s. It is the perfect place to enjoy a show. If you can’t get to New York City, the Altria is home to Broadway in Richmond, which presents popular Broadway shows such as Hamilton, Wicked, and Cats. You can also enjoy a musical performance or a famous comedian like Jerry Seinfeld or Jim Gaffigan. A show at the Altria requires advance planning and tickets, but it is well worth the wait.


Indulge in an after dinner treat at this dessert-only restaurant. Satisfy your sweet tooth with their famous salted chocolate caramel cake, key lime pie, or banana brulee. They even have gluten free options. Don’t have time to wait for a table? They have a 2Go store right across the street.

The Tin Pan

There’s nothing better than seeing a talented band perform in a small venue just feet from your seat. Start off with dinner and drinks, then sit back and enjoy the musical stylings of talented, seasoned musicians. The small venue is perfect for a romantic musical experience.

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