9 Great Couple Halloween Costume Ideas


Halloween is just around the corner, and searching for inspirations, whether pop-culture inspired or traditional, is a great bonding experience with your partner. First, you should identify what vibe you’re going for or how “all out” you might want to go. Then, set a budget or even try to DIY if you’re shopping last minute. Remember, this is supposed to be fun! Here are nine ideas to get you started.

Marvel/DC Couple

To not start any arguments, we’re neutral (no comparison with these superheroes) on our favorites. But who wouldn’t love to show up as one of the couples in the Marvel & DC world? Think Superman and Lois Lane, Spiderman and MJ, Pepper and Ironman, Wanda and Vision.

Joker & Harley Quinn 

Everyone’s obsessed with them (even when they’re toxic); this idea can be over-the-top but you’ll probably be the talk of the town when wearing it.

Netflix Shows Inspired

Who isn’t hooked on Netflix nowadays? There is no shortage of Netflix inspired costume ideas. Talk about what show you both love and settle on one that fits both your personalities. If you can’t decide, here are some shows you can consider: Stranger Things, Money Heist, Bridgerton, Sex Education, Big Bang Theory, and Modern Family. 

Instagram Filter

Everyone’s obsessed with Instagram filters! This costume idea is easy, too! All you need is cardboard cut-out printed with the filter and simply cling it to you. You can also use some of the more popular Snapchat filters if you’re more into the Snapchat game.

Pun related

A good laugh is essential for parties; coming in a pun-related, duo costume would be a mood lifter! You can try coming in as: loofah and soap, hunter and it’s prey, egg and bacon, fruit salad, a Tinder match, or even “the dress: gold or blue”.


An emoji is a good excuse if you can’t put your thoughts into words, or even when you’re just lazy (for those last-minute Halloween costume planners). There’s always matching emojis, just check your phone. Find a pair that’s funny and bring life to the Halloween party. Budget-friendly and funny!

Harry Potter-inspired 

Who wouldn’t love to go as your favorite Harry Potter couples? Nobody’s too old to be a wizard (let’s pretend we got our Hogwart’s acceptance letter when we were 11).


Being a zombie (or in this case, a zombie couple) is an iconic, go-to idea. If you want to level it up, try checking out Warm Bodies’ R & Julie or even iZombie!


Salt and Pepper. Cinnamon and Sugar. Sugar and spice and everything nice. Condiments can always be a great combination or duo when it comes to Halloween costumes and showing up as a couple.


Remember that it’s okay to DIY costumes, sometimes that’s when the best ideas come to light! Head to Pinterest for detailed costume ideas and insights into what’s trending lately!  

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