9 Best Openers on Online Dating Apps

Online dating, as odd as it can be at times, is at it’s peak. Especially since we’re in a pandemic that hinders us from socializing. As a result, tons are flocking to online dating. Be it for something serious, or something to get you through the pandemic.


If you’re new to this digital set-up of online dating, take note of this important tip (before you even get to an opener)…

Make sure that your profile description is attention grabbing.

Why? Because this is the first thing someone will notice about you. Try adding wow factor facts about you so they’ll be eager to talk with you. Making it easy for someone to strike up a conversation based on your bio is an instant-win.

With that, here are some few opening line tips that could help you attract a date in a split second!

#1 Make sure you type well.

Just simple grammar and candor can go a long way when you’re sending that first message to someone.

#2 Ask him or her about their passion.

This is a great opener as it opens to broad topics that could help your conversation last longer. You’ll eventually know what you should focus on sharing when the person you’ve matched with starts talking.

#3 Cheesy pick-up lines.

I mean, who wouldn’t smile at those? It makes us feel giddy sometimes. Make sure to make it clever though! Dad jokes don’t always cut it.

#4 Share puns!

Nothing can hurt from a good laugh. Similar to the cheesy pick-up line!

#5 Send memes and GIFs.

It can easily grab someone’s attention especially if it’s a funny one.

#6 A photo of your animal (if you have one).

Everybody loves cute animals since it warms our hearts. Plus points if it’s a dog!

#7 A TikTok video!

It’s so trendy and fun! Especially if it’s a trending one that’s somehow relevant to their bio.

#8 Food. Who doesn’t love it?

A foodie conversation can lead to a lunch/dinner date. Take your chance!

#9 Be straightforward.

Being straightforward with someone and skipping over the fluff can go a long way for a lot of people!

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