5 Do’s and Don’ts for Dating by Top Matchmaker in Richmond, VA

April, 17, 2020

Dating can be hit and miss for some while others may struggle a lot, unable to make any progress in their love life. If you’ve dated a lot without any success, don’t give up yet! You’re not alone because thousands of singles in America strive to find love just like you.

We sat down with Bloom Matchmaking, a platform that has been around for several years with a mission to help singles find their footing in dating, and they listed down some of the most common do’s and don’ts of dating to help you get back in the game.

Do’s of Dating by Professional Matchmakers

  • If you want to keep things smooth and actually get things started for your romantic life, follow this crucial advice starting today.

Be Positive and Warm

  • Always carry a positive attitude and be warm to others. Don’t let yourself appear a downer when things don’t work your way or you don’t feel the chemistry because it can come back and haunt you later.

This world is very small and whether you believe it or not, everybody knows everybody. The general idea is to leave a good image of yours with others when you meet them because you never know who they might pitch you in with.

Never Interrogate Your Date

  • It is quite easy to ask the man or woman you are dating with numerous questions. Never interrogate your date by asking personal questions like what they do for a living, at least not the first time you meet them.

You should generally avoid topics that cover kids, marriage and avoid inviting them to an important event in your family while you barely know each other.

 Do Not Overstay Your Welcome

  • If you had a great time with your date, try not to linger there too much. Expert matchmakers suggest that staying for an hour or half is more than enough and If you try to stay too long, you could end up revealing too much information and not to mention, you may end up drinking too much.

Leave your date with a desire to meet you again. Leaving on a high note when you’ve had a great time almost always gets your date to pursue you no matter what.

Be Thoughtful and Plan Ahead

  • Thoughtful people not only get appreciated more but also grab the attention of others. So be thoughtful when you meet your date and plan ahead. Talk about what you want to do next so that your date is on the same path.

Compliment Your Date

  • This is especially important if you’re a guy dating a woman. Compliment her if she looks and smells good. Everyone feels good when they are told something positive. Try to maintain eye contact throughout your date and compliment often while maintaining it and you’ll see how soon she gets blushed.

If you’re struggling with dating, these tips should get you back in the game. However, if you still feel that nothing is working in your favor, seek professional help. At Bloom Matchmaking, we are adamant in making sure that your romantic life goes as smoothly as possible.

We not only help you find like-minded singles, but also give you valuable dating advice on how you can make things work in your favor. Get in touch with us today.

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