3 Remarkable Ways to Avoid Landing in The Friendzone

Learn from love coaches how you can avoid landing in the friendzone forever

Unrequited, one-sided love has been the theme of numerous movies and countless novels. One-side love is commonly referred to as the friendzone. It is a situation or circumstance wherein one person (giver) has romantic feelings for a person, but these feelings are not equally reciprocated by the person (taker). For the taker, the relationship is purely platonic and wants to be good friends with the giver.

Due to this mismatch in sexual/romantic feelings and a difference of perception, the giver lands in the dreaded friendzone. It is not a desirable state of mind as the giver’s emotional needs remain unfulfilled and they are unsure how to break the cycle of hope, desire, and disappointment.

Love coaches agree that you can avoid being friend-zoned in the first place if you do the following:

Enhance Your Sex Appeal

  • When we say become attractive, we are not just talking about being physically attractive (although physical attraction plays a huge role in invoking sexual feelings in the other person). Become more attractive both physically and psychologically. If you wish to be treated as more than just a friend rather than as a boyfriend/ girlfriend, you need to invoke feelings of attraction, lust, or seduction in the other person.

By doing so, you will become more desirable and the other person will start taking you more seriously. By losing a few pounds, wearing more flattering clothes, and taking care of personal hygiene, anyone can increase their physical attraction by a few notches.

  • At the same time, work on your social skills. Learn to be more confident, self-assured, knowledgeable, and humorous but don’t forget basic humility and manners. By doing so, you will enhance your sex appeal and the person of your desire will start finding you desirable.

Don’t be A Pretend Boyfriend / Girlfriend

  • When you have romantic feelings for someone, you will jump on every chance to make them feel special and to act as their partner. Avoid the temptation to be a pretend or temporary partner for your love interest. You may believe that by being extra nice, your love interest will realize how good a person you are and will magically fall in love with you. However, in most cases, your love interest will keep you hooked by giving you a little affection every now and then. In return, they will enjoy your undivided attention and may ask you to do nice things for them but will not commit to you.

This is how you fall in the friendzone. Hence it is important to maintain your dignity, have clear boundaries, and not be a pretend boyfriend/girlfriend for your love interest.

Avoid Being Needy or Cling

proven ways to avoid landing in the friendzone

  • When we love someone we want to be with them all the time and share every detail of our life with them. However, when the feelings are not reciprocated, this attitude can come off as clingy and needy. This can annoy your love interest and be a cause for them to put you in the friendzone forever.

To gain the love and attention of your crush, it is important you present yourself as a calm and composed person. This will maintain your grace and dignity. However, if you are too mushy, needy, or clingy, it may overwhelm your love interest and cause them to abandon you forever.

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