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3 Ways to Make a Good First Impression On a Date

good first impression on a date

Why your first impression on a date matters more than you think – Learn how

The first impression is the last impression – I’m sure you have heard of this and quite frankly, it is absolutely true. However, what’s even more important than making a good first impression is making a lasting impression.

If you’re not good at making good and lasting first impressions, don’t fret! Bloom Matchmaking has some valuable advice for you in this article which will help you nearly always make a perfect first impression with your date.

Here are some tried and test ways to make sure your date remembers you after that first important meeting.

Personal Appearance is Crucial

  • One of the first things you need to do is to improve your overall appearance because it is the first thing people will notice about you and that is for a good reason. It shows to the other person that you really care about your outlook and how the world sees you.

Moreover, looking good makes you feel good about yourself and that helps you channel positive behavior towards others. As for how you can improve your appearance? There are many ways – exercise, take care of your skin, wear good clothes, and wear a nice fragrance.

Up Your Conversational Game

  • Although listening is very important, being conversational is just as important. It is a very good idea to ask questions and contribute your opinion towards what your date says. This shows that not only you are a good listener but also someone who can easily contribute to a conversation which is always a good thing.

If you struggle to keep up with a conversation, here’s a little tip. You should spend the first 10-15 minutes talking about yourself. Come up with a good story that displays your personality and character until you have talked about enough positive things. Your date will be intrigued to ask you more questions and from there on you can carry the conversation forward.

Be An Interesting Person

  • first impression on a dateBeing interesting is a very crucial part of your personality. You should ideally portray yourself as a person who loves discovering new things in life. Just speaking about the interesting things you have done in your lifetime, and the things you plan to do shows you in a very positive light.

To become an interesting person, go out and experience the world or learn a new skill such as cooking, writing, or even singing. It always pays to diversify your identity and that is exactly what people love.

  • As long as you remain an interesting person, you’ll keep on attracting others. It will also help you feel more passion and thrill in life, so why not start today and try doing new things.

Final Notes

Dating is a tricky business and a lot of Americans struggle to make a positive outcome of the first meeting. If you feel your dating life is stalled because you are an uninteresting person or generally lack the ability to converse, we recommend getting in touch with Bloom Matchmaking.

The expert matchmakers at Bloom are always willing to help you get past these hurdles so you can reignite the romance. Talk to us today and we will even help you meet new singles in your area.

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