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Expectations in Love vs Reality

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Everyone has different perspectives on what love should look like. Television, songs, and movies all perceive love as a fairytale, but you must remember that no one is perfect. A lot of relationships fail because one person or the other has unrealistic expectations of their partner. The reality of love is hard work and  identifying one anothers needs. Here are 3 of the biggest expectations of love vs the reality.

Top things to consider regarding expectations in love vs reality

Expectation vs. Reality: You Should Always Come First

Many people in relationships believe that they should be the top priority in their partner’s life. But, the expectations in love vs reality can have a strong impact on dating. Having expectations takes away from the fact that your partner has a life of their own with separate priorities. These priorities might include their family, friends, and work. The reality is that you are two separate people and while you should receive attention and love from your partner, they still need to be able to live a life of their own.


Expectation vs. Reality: A Good Relationship is Always Easy

You are your partner are not always going to agree on everything. The expectation that the relationship will never come with compromise or negotiating is not realistic. When it comes to love vs. reality, the reality is that you will have different opinions and different outlooks on certain things in life. Communicating your differences is a healthy part of a relationship and helps the relationship grow.


Expectation vs. Reality: Share How You are Feeling

It is not fair in a relationship to assume that your partner knows what you are thinking and always feeling. These expectations in love vs. reality can be difficult. This is something that requires communication and time. Your partner may be feeling the same way so talking is always the best option to let your partner know your feelings. It is easy to have expectations like these in love, but it is important to know that in reality, no one is perfect. For a long-lasting and happy relationship, always communicate with your partner and help them understand how you are feeling and what their expectations are compared to yours. Talking about feelings and what you expect in your relationship does not come easy, but it is good to open up to your partner when you can.

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