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5 Shocking Drawbacks of Online Dating

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5 Surprising Drawbacks of Online Dating

Advancements in modern technology and changing socioeconomic dynamics such as the onslaught of the Covid pandemic have put online dating at the forefront. It is a fun and convenient way to meet new people wherever and whenever you want. Multiple dating apps and smart algorithms make online dating quite tempting. We’re sharing the 5 shocking drawbacks of online dating that you may not have considered.

Promotes Shopper Mentality

Online dating can feel a bit like online shopping. You swipe right and left and scan people’s profiles as if they are commodities that are on the display. Any user of the dating app will have an endless supply of dating profiles to pick and choose from. This makes people picky, judgy, and petty. The shopper mentality also mars the essence of romance and the purity of love.


The Irony of Unlimited Options

As humans, we are programmed to value anything which is inaccessible or for which we have to struggle quite a bit. Online dating apps minimize the struggle associated with conventional dating. You can access thousands of profiles with a single click. Having unlimited options to choose from leads to dissatisfaction with a person’s choice of partner and most people believe they can do better than their current partner.

The paradox of unlimited options also makes people more commitment-phobic and polygamous. This leads to dissatisfied love life.


Compatibility Algorithms Are Not Always Accurate

Dating apps run on compatibility algorithms. They take into account certain factors such as age, sex, sexuality, color, ethnicity, geographic location, and certain preferences to match up one user to another. However, they have their limitations and are often not effective as they are made out to be due to the following reasons:

  • They don’t take into account important factors for determining compatibilities such as communication, patterns, sexual compatibility, and problem-solving skills. These are important factors for the success of a romantic relationship but algorithms cannot process and determine these complex factors.
  • They cannot anticipate how people will react once they meet each other face to face. A lot of things such as non-verbal cues, the individual’s state of mind, and environmental factors impact how two people will react when they meet in real life.

drawbacks of online dating

Misrepresentation Can Lead to Unrealistic Expectations

  • Many users are not completely honest about the information they provide on online dating platforms. They can misrepresent certain important aspects of their life such as age, socioeconomic status, and even post edited pictures which make them appear more attractive. There is no way to do background checks and verify the information users provide. Misrepresentation can lead to the building of unrealistic expectations and often users face disappointment when they meet their online date in real life.

Internet Trolls and Harassers

  • Internet trolls occupy all digital spaces. The same goes for online dating apps. According to a survey conducted by Pew, 28 percent of users of online dating apps reported being trolled or harassed while interacting with potential partners. 42 percent of the users who faced varying levels of harassment were women.

Finding love in today’s day and age is not an easy task, we hope you learned a few things from our 5 Shocking Drawbacks of Online Dating. There is a better way to do it. Contact Bloom Matchmaking. We provide matchmaking services in Central Virginia and surrounding areas. We guarantee security, privacy, and fast results.

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