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9 Best Openers When Dating

Bloom match making

Online dating, as odd as it can be at times, is at it’s peak.  Tons are flocking to online dating and most people don’t know where to begin. We’ve put together 9 best openers when dating and feeling tongue tied.


#1 Type Well

Simple grammar and candor can go a long way when you’re sending that first message to someone.

#2 Ask About their Passions

This is a great opener as it opens to broad topics that could help your conversation last longer. You’ll eventually know what you should focus on sharing when the person you’ve matched with starts talking.

#3 Cheesy Pick-Up Lines

If you are going down this road, be sure to make  it clever! Dad jokes don’t always cut it.

#4 Puns are Golden

Make a date with these funny dating jokes and puns! It’ll be love at first sight when you see them because they’re definitely keepers!

#5 Send Memes & Gifs

It can easily grab someone’s attention especially if it’s a funny one.

#6 Tik Tok

It’s so trendy and fun! Especially if it’s a trending one that’s somehow relevant to their bio.


A foodie conversation can lead to a lunch/dinner date. Take your chance!

#9 Be Straightforward.

Being straightforward with someone and skipping over the fluff can go a long way for a lot of people!

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